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Hugo Pratt's Fable of Venice is one of the best albums in the Corto Maltese series. Corto is in Venice (Pratt's birthplace) searching for a precious artifact called 'Solomon's Clavicle.' It's a fast-paced mystery thriller that involves free masons, fascists, poets, occultists and seedy figures from the underworld. It's also a gorgeous love letter to Venice.

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Every week, Publisher's Weekly spotlights a comic in a column called Panel Mania.

Graylight, by Naomi Nowak, was featured on October 26, 2009. Pretty, dreamy art.

The images are kinda big—if you'd prefer to view them in a gallery setting, go here.

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Some of you may have heard that Luc Besson has made a movie based on the French comic The Most Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec) by Tardi, to be released in France in April (no word yet on a US release date).

Since many probably aren't familiar with Adèle, I thought it might be worth introducing the series in advance of the movie hype. Here, then, are some excerpts from the first album, Adèle & the Beast (Adèle et la Bête, 1976).

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This album (as well as the next four in the series) was put out in English by NBM in 1990. It also ran in Dark Horse's Heavy Metal-style magazine Cheval Noir. Fantagraphics is currently publishing some of Tardi's other stories in translation by Kim Thompson, and it's a highly recommended purchase.


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