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Last month's issue #2 established both those qualities of his.

It had him explained by Robin of Sherwood in flashback, then had his handiwork delivered in the present.

This week's #3 picked up there.

It continued from the point #2'd left off at. )
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"I’m a bit of a history buff, with a special love of English medieval history. And one day a few years ago I was ferreting around the various blogs and websites devoted to the subject when I came upon a discussion of whether Robin Hood was gay. Well… of course Robin Hood can’t actually have been gay, because Robin Hood wasn’t real. But there was some discussion, based on a few papers by a few academics, that possibly the origins of the Robin Hood story were rooted in sexual outlawry — that the historical figures who inspired the legend of Robin and his merry men, were people who were ejected from society and forced to live in nature because of their homosexual practices.

As a gay man I was of course very interested in this, and read as much as I could; and, well, it’s all about as persuasive as any other theory about the origins of Robin Hood, which is to say, about as persuasive as you want it to be. Given the lack of any hard evidence of any kind, everything about Robin is more or less conjectural."

- Robert Rodi

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Jhonen Vasquez is going to be doing an Invader Zim comic for Oni Press. Cover art under the cut. More info here.

Cover under the cut... )
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Courtney Crumrin is a young witch learning her craft under the eye of her Uncle Aloysius, while also attending an ordinary elementary school.

She's the one on the left.

New kid in town )

Your thoughts and comments?
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At Emerald City Comic-Con, Bryan Lee O'Malley announced that his Scott Pilgrim series will be getting the full-color, deluxe hardcover treatment later this year. (More info here.)

Cover and a few preview pages under the cut!

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My pick for Awesome New Female Character Week is Ramona Flowers, the mysterious delivery girl from Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. Ramona travels through the subspace dimension to deliver packages and is never seen without her subspace suitcase (storage capacity: unknown). Both are put to good use when Ramona's Fourth Evil Ex, Roxie Richter, shows up and wants to cut Ramona's boyfriend's head off. A fight ensues! On rollerskates.

7 pages from the fourth volume, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together.

hand me a weapon while you're in there, would you? )
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Over on Twitter/Flickr, Bryan Lee O'Malley has unveiled the art for the fold-out poster to be included in an upcoming Scott Pilgrim box set.

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From a 2007 free Comics Festival Anthology here's Bryan Lee O'Malley's "The Wonderful World of Kim Pine." A 4-page strip set in the Scott Pilgrim universe, this one's about Sex Bob-Omb's drummer Kim and her roommate woes. It's also been posted on the official Scott Pilgrim website, along with other free bonus comics.

Do you feel it constantly? Is it like an eternal flame? )
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It was hard to pick just one character to post about, but in the end the victor was Wallace Wells from Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. Image heavy post! Scans from vols. 1, 3, and 4.

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Action calls and I answer. At some point, I'll be doing a book club for 12 Reasons why I love her by Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones.

On the surface, it's a relationship story told out of order. I'm not going to post anything of the actual plot, because I think that a) you should buy it and b) having seen extracts on Scans_daily before I bought it, the earlier parts of the book were actually spoiled for me by knowing what came after/before (it's told out of order. Events from the main narrative out of order are particularly unhelpful).

What it actually is, is just a story of a young woman, including some of her childhood.

Each chapter has a suggested soundtrack. This one is Brian Ferry - September Song, which has good lyrics, but musically doesn't work for me is actually pretty dire, though I can understand if some readers just want to put the book down at the mention of that man's name.
And these few precious days I'd spend with you )

And for the record, I'm a Spring/Autumn man.

*Points for explaining the subject
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Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour had a lot of scenes that I think could qualify for "One Perfect Moment Week," but here's my pick. SPOILERS for the last volume of the series!

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Title: Frenemy of the State #1 (Oni Press, 2010, 22 pages)
Creators: Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis, Rashida Jones (story) and Jeff Wamester (art)
Availability: On sale now

What if one of the "famous for being famous" girls actually had a brain in her head under that cover of self-centered obliviousness? And was pretty good at using it? And was pressed into service as a spy meant to infiltrate the lives of the rich-and-infamous?

The recruiting scene might look something like this. )

There's also a preview up at CBR.

I'm still on the fence about whether or not to tradewait. On the one hand, I am finding this fun so far, I'm curious about what's coming up next, and I trust the creative team to make the story worth picking up as it comes out. On the other, I find that a lot of espionage stories do read better as a collection than as a monthly, and there is the whole matter of buying the story twice over. I'll give it one more issue before I decide.
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Title: Spell Checkers (Oni Press, 144 pages, 2010)
Creators: Jamie S. Rich (writer), Nicolas Hitori de and Joelle Jones (art)
Availability: Due out 4/21/2010

Lesser news above the fold: Following the example of [personal profile] icon_uk, I've started up a gallery over at Comic Art Fans for my older commissions and such. I'll still likely be spamming you guys with the new stuff, though. ;)

I caught a review of Spell Checkers over at Comics Worth Reading the other day. It was interesting enough that I figured I'd give the book an extra push here.

The basic premise is that three eight-year-old girls -- Cynthea, Kimmie, and Jesse -- went through with a ritual that gave them magic powers, but only so long as they remained a coven of three. Now they're older, popular, and able to use their powers to breeze through school, but they're also chafing badly in each other's company as they figure out that the friends you had when you were eight aren't necessarily the people you want to be around when you're a teenager. Still, they barely tolerate each other for the sake of the power it gives them.

Now, however, their popularity is being challenged by an unseen tormentor, and their magic is starting to fail them. There's a 22-page preview available from the publisher, eight of which are below.

We'll open on Cynthea making a horrifying discovery )

So it's essentially "Sabrina" meets "Mean Girls". The over-the-top cattiness is amusing in preview-sized doses, but I'm pretty sure the real fun of the book will involve the three girls smacking themselves around with ever more spectacular meltdowns and social implosions. Light maiming wouldn't be a horrible thing either. Not an instant buy for me, but I'll be keeping an eye out for it and at least give it a flip through on the shelf.

Suggested tags: title: spell checkers, genre: previews
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A while back, I posted some of Queen and Country #1.

Now, here's some of Queen and Country #26, featuring everybody's second favourite Dane.

Taken up the Holte End )


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