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I discovered this Golden Age action hero (created by Bob Powell for Hit Comics in 1940) via the Tumblr blog F**k Yeah Warrior Women and immediately fell in love with her. Attorney (later District Attorney) Betty Bates enjoyed a ten-year run (unusual for a non-superpowered, supporting character), and it's no wonder: in addition to her legal know-how, she was a skilled detective, knew jiu-jitsu, and was handy with her fists too. In the following story (public domain, scans courtesy of, we see her stand up to sexual harassment, speak truth to power, and foil a kidnapping. As if that weren't awesome enough, the story conveniently comes with a "context is for the weak" panel!

'Bates is the name--MISS Betty Bates!' )
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Were you lacking badass anti-heroines in you life? Here, let me help.

This is Fear. She likes guns, adventure, and v-necks. You can read more about her here, but her exciting introduction is below. 

Weapon of Choice: Tommy Gun )
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Read Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 1)

Or by in after a short summery below, if you're uncool that way.

Six months (and six issues) have passed since the battle that took Andre. The Blackhawks have returned to the area in memorial...but danger awaits them!

Military Comics #9 (also posted here)

Andre T_T )
Hey, fan fiction writers, want to make some dreams come true? I'll give you e-cookies and free press. 
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I has posted this on old s_d but it bears restoring.

This epic tale starts in Military Comics #3 which introduces “Chop-Chop.” Why they chose this plot to go with that introduction, I will forever wonder. Chop-chop will spend most of the issue stabbing at any drama that might hit the page. This is listed as being by Will Eisner, it more likely by Bob Powell or Dick French. Art is by Chuck Cuidera.

Oh, and chop-chop gets his own post later, so save up your thoughts.

Also posted here (word for word this time because I am lazy).

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"He was a man in total control - unapproachable, unforgiving, unfathomable. He was his own law and his own morality. He lived in a world dominated by an atmosphere of fatalism. He was the first comic book anti-hero." -- Jim Steranko's History of Comics

Military Comics # 01 )
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As a general rule it sucks to be female in Military Comics. You show up, and, in three to five pages, you will die or betray everything you every believed in all for a hot guy you will never see again. At best you get out of there alive to never been seen again.

If you have your own title though, things turn out alright for you. For example see X of the Underground, a female member of the European underground resistance.

All stories and most art by Vernon Henkel (The Space Legion, Marvel titles during the early 1950s, mostly stuck to artwork after the 1940s).

Military Comics #8 )

Military Comics#10 )

Military Comics #11 )
You can read her appearance in #12  here. Go  here for #13.

Can we have a crossdressing for justice tag? I miss the crossdressing for justice tag.
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"I knew all about men... because I'd studied every textbook and thesis on the subject! But one day a rebellious student trapped me wit a real, live man...and nothing in those textbooks could show me how to keep from falling in love with the perfect example of the undesirable male!"

Undesirable Male! )Here some links for when my Photobucket is down.

"Undesirable male" - 01 // 02 // 03  //04 // 05 //06  // 07 and the Short - He's My Boss!

Here is the first story from #1, " Campus Loves's "Love's Victory." And if you are still in the mood for 1950s romance (and delicious Matt Baker art), check out  Pictorial Romances #17 (and #9)

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As many of us know life is hard when your beautiful, and no one knows that better than Mr. Muscles! Now you can read about the most perfect man on earth and how he came to be!
Buns of Steel! )
Mr. Muscles was not alone in his perfection. Not only did he have his sidekick, Kid Muscles, but there was a Miss Muscles too! Outfits to Not work out in )

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 A little something from old scans_daily.  John Doughboy from Military Comics #33, #17, and #34.  

Take note, #34 has some raciest art, and then makes a point about beauty.

3 pages here ) If you want to know more about the man who crated this comic, do some reading here.
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In the first installment of this series, I introduced you to a pair of Will Eisner's more obscure creations - an American secret agent known as Black X and a femme fatale known only as Madame Doom. While Black X appeared in comics for almost a hundred issues overall, lasting all the way to the end of the Golden Age, Madame Doom only appeared eleven times. Curiously, her appearance often changed between issues, which actually kind of makes sense. After all, she was a spy who is trying to evade attention. It's certainly makes more sense than Black X's ability to go undercover even while wearing his rather distinctive monocle (but that's a tangent for another post).

Many Faces of Madame Doom

We jump forward to Smash Comics #12, where we find our heroes facing off against Madame Doom, who allied herself with a very familiar character.

A descendant? You didn't read the original novel at all, did you? (9 pages under the cut) )

Dial-Up/Slow Wireless Link.

Suggested Tags:

char: Madame Doom
char: Black X/Richard Spencer
creator: will eisner
era: golden age
status: public domain
publisher: quality comics
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Today, Will Eisner is best remembered for the Spirit. But what many fans don't realize is that he was pretty prolific during the Golden Age, creating loads of characters (costumed or otherwise) for several different publishers. In this series of posts, we will touch on one of Eisner's more obscure creations - a femme fatale known only as Madame Doom.

Many Faces of Madame Doom

Madame Doom was a love interest and the antagonist to Black X (also known as Black Ace), one of earliest (if not the earliest) comic book spies. He was also one of Eisner's earliest creations, debuting all the way back in 1938 on the pages of Feature Funnies #13. Black X was originally Richard Spencer, a Washington bureaucrat who faked his own death in order to fight criminals and foreign spies under the cover of anonymity and plausible deniability as an agent of Department of Defense. The comic made no bones about the fact that the work Black X did was very dangerous, and Department of Defense was perfectly willing to leave him in the cold if things went south. Black X was assisted by Batu, his telepathic Indian manservant. I haven't been able to find an issue where they first met, so I have no idea why Batu would take orders from some none-powered white guy who, btw, often took his abilities for granted, but that's a whole other tangent.

In any case, now that the I got the background info out of the way, allow me to present the very first appearance of Madame Doom.

The following story originally appeared in Smash Comics #4. Writing and art by Will Eisner.

Sexual tension, sabotage, crypto-Nazis, shirtless secret agents, disguises, murder and did we mention sexual tension? (9 pages under the cut) )

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When it comes to romance comics, there are certain things we've come to expect. Sexism, stay-in-the-kitchen aesops, men behaving hypocritically, characters in general acting like selfish idiots, that sort of thing. While unfortunate, it can't be helped - the stories were products of their time. But every once in a while, you get romance comics that are objectionable for different reasons.

Untamed Love - Wrong Road to Love - Header

Meet Becky - a mixed-race girl who is temperamental, "wild" and speaks broken English (in spite of being raised by her American father), A depiction that, unfortunately, was not out of line in the 1950s. If you want to be really, really charitable, you can say Quality Comics was actually being progressive, since Golden Age comic books rarely depicted interracial relationships, let alone the resulting children.


In any case, this story was originally published in Untamed Love #1. Writer and artist unknown.

Unfortunate stereotypes, sexism and bad old-fashioned douchebaggery ahoy (7 pages under the cut) )

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When DC Comics decided to bring back Quality Comics characters, it only revived some of them. The most recent Freedom Fighters series (whatever it was called) gave them an opportunity to revive a few more. But there is one character DC Comics will never, ever revive. A character with an origin that, quite frankly... Well, see for yourself.

The following story originally appeared in Smash Comics #16. Art and writing by Harry Campbell.

Racial sensitivity? What racial sensitivity? (Five pages under the cut) )
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In 1949, the romance comics were fairly popular. And since there was only so many ways you can do a romance comic, you started seeing comic book publishers tweaking the formula a little, publishing titles that followed a certain theme. Hollywood Secrets was a romance comics that involved aspiring Hollywood actors.

Hollywood Secrets 01 - Second Chance - Header

In Hollywood Secrets #1, we find something which doesn't often show up in romance comics - sexual harassment. And it manages to avoid many (but not all) pitfalls of romance comics along the way. As usual for romance comics, writer and artist are unknown.

I should also mention that the scans I got were partially damaged. I tried my best to fixed the lettering using the highly advanced image editing technique known as "copy-paste," but there was only so much I could do.

A surprise ending in a romance comic? Perish the thought (9 pages under the cut) )

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MLJ's the Shield was the first patriotic superhero in American comics, but it wasn't until Captain America came around that the trend really took off. Every publisher rushed to jump on the bandwagon and get their own patriotic hero (or several) out on the shelves. Some were fairly mundane, but others... Others were just plain weird.

In this series, I am taking a look at some of the odder, more unique examples of the trend. Members of the original scans_daily will probably remember some of them, but others will be brand new.

This post focus on one of the later. It was one of the many patriotic superheroes that appeared in Quality Comics over the years (the most famous and popular of which was, of course, the company's version of Uncle Sam). This particular character only lasted a few issues of Feature Comics. As far as I know, she was very revived by DC, or anyone else, for that matter, which I think is kind of a shame. The concept is just too odd not to be used somehow.

The following story was originally published in Feature Comics #42. Writer unknown, art by Maurice Gutwirth

What if the Spectre was a patriotic girl? (5 pages under the cut) )

Note: I apologize for the quality of the scans. The originals were rather poor, and while I tried to clean them up the best I could, there was only so much I could do with what little photo editing software I have.
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As suggested here, let's declare it official Cross-dressing Week! And where better place to start than with Golden Age "heroine" Madam Fatal?

Introduced in the appropriately named Crack Comics #1 in 1940, elderly matron Madam Fatal (think Aunt May, but with... added extras) is really retired actor Richard Stanton. When his daughter is kidnapped, he sets about making a new life for himself as an old woman. His foes now underestimate his speed and strength allowing him to fight crime™. No one knows of his secret but his pet bird, a parrot named Hamlet.

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So, my previous experience with Scans Daily was pretty much limited to lurking. But I felt I simply must share with you one of the Golden Ages's queerest heroes.


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