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The other day, my memory was jogged to think of Top Cow's Pilot Season. As far as I can tell, only two winners were ever made into miniseries - Genius, which was not stunning, and Twilight Guardian. Genius took 6 years to make it from pilot to a mini series, and for that reason, I wasn't incredibly optimistic when my pick The Beauty won the 2011 Pilot Season

It's a police procedural... whose twist is established on the very first page, with a short info dump )
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I've posted from Common Grounds before (check the tags), it's one of my favourite series. Like one of my other favourite series "Astro City", it's a series of slices of life in a world with superbeings, but looking at the bits BETWEEN the slugfests.

Each story has a different guest artist... in this case, George Perez which, as you might imagine, is another reason to get hold of a copy to read the whole thing .

The last time I posted, we were visited by the writer himself, which was fun.

This is another story, as a hero reflects on his...

Glory Days )
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Top Cow and Marvel put out the first ish of their Star Trek/X-Men crossover, and I bring you one page simply because everything on it made me giggle.

Full context is not altogether clear at this point; all y'all need to know is, a very 1990s X-Team has teleported onboard the Enterprise 1701-A to deal with a threat involving Proteus and the Shi'Ar on the X-side and Gary Mitchell (of TOS s1 ep "Where No Man Has Gone Before") on the Trek side.

After a bumpy X-port into the Enterprise's cargo bay, the two crews have to start meeting at some point, of course...

There is actually quite an appropriate explanation for this, sir! )

I don't know if I'll stick with this title, but it's hitting my fangirl sweet spots a lot better than that Trek/Legion crossover did.
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Following on from yesterday, I bring you some more Witchblade (issues 63 and 64), feat. Magdalena. Whose name, in this incarnation (legacy heroine), is Patience.

This post also includes one of my favourite comics panels ever, drawn by Francis Manapul. WHY was he the first peciller whose name I knew? LEARN! SEE! WONDER!


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Way back when I put up the last requests post (the next one is COMING SOON), I promised some of Francis Manapul's run on Witchblade to somebody. I forget who. I am sorry.

I just managed to get those scans done. The quality is weird and I don't know why. Better late and dodgy than never??

One thing I didn't notice at the time but find wanting in hindsight, is that whilst I was reading Witchblade in.. 2002-2003?.. and in the live-action television show as well, Sara doesnt really have that much in the way of female support characters. Her flake sister shows up sometimes, and there was that daughter of her dead best friend, and every now and then Lara Croft would drop by.. but the day to day, comic to comic stuff was pretty dudefilled.

So it was always nice when another lady did come and visit - such as here. I picked these scans in particular because it's also always neat to see some evidence of in-world "rules" when you're dealing with supernatural jiggery pokery.


I'm not that fond of the way Top Cow chose to advertise it, but maybe you are.

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Artifacts began last year and featured the thirteen titular items of power in Top Cow's superhero/urban fantasy universe, which includes the Darkness and the Witchblade. When all thirteen artifacts are gathered in one place, the series stated, it has the power to end and rebuild the universe.

Long story short, there was a guy who wanted to do that, and he had an army of killer androids meant to help him with it. At the end of #12, it looked like he'd actually succeeded.

five pages from Artifacts #13 )
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This week, I have been mostly reading The Magdalena.

I had a flick through vol.1, but it was too dark and the art too cheesecakey and Top Cow-y (I know, there's a shock.) Why would the Catholic Church's black ops warrior wear a belly shirt and a pair of briefs as well as her armour and cowl? It's not like the Catholic church is a massive fan of people in their orders flaunting their flesh.

The third volume was much better, with much clearer art and a decent (but not great) story. I just need to read #8 of it and then have a look at the Phil Hester drawn Magdalena vs. Daredevil.

For those of you who don't know, this is what the Magdalena is )
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Blackruzsa wanted to see some WItchblade/Tomb Raider crossover comic, so here IS some WItchblade/Tomb Raider crossover comic.

It's not that good, but it exists.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that if you're not feeling much like looking at ladies drawn.. well drawn by Michael Turner, OK? Every breast a shining almost-sphere, every leg a stilt, every lip a glossy marshmallow. Everything straining and presented. If you don't feel like that, click past this post, yeah?

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I love a good superhero slugfest, they can be very... cathartic (If they also feature cute acrobats or the like, so much the better, but it's not absolutely required)

However, I love the offbeat too, the "slice of life" stories which look at how superpowers impact ones life, and look at why some people become heroes and some people become villains, and why some people don't actually do much with their powers. The likes of "Astro City" and "DP7" examine this sort of thing, but there are others too. This is the first of a series about one title which did it very well indeed, IMHO.

"Common Grounds" was a 6-issue mini series from Top Cow Productions in 2004, created by Troy Hickman, with two stories per issue, and a rotating cast of noted artist telling one story each.

The premise is simple. In this world there exists a chain of coffee shops; "Common Grounds", whose purpose is to create a neutral environment for super-powered beings. Anyone is welcome (though "normals" tend to be intimidated) but the one rule is "NO FIGHTING". There's no truce magic, or power neutralising effects or the like, just mutual agreement. And it holds too, because even supervillains like somewhere to get a nice kruller and a cup of really good coffee. And anyone dumb enough, or psycho enough, to try something there would discover that A) Their bouncers are superpowered too, and B) All the OTHER heroes and villains who liked it there would be after you like a shot. You think Darkseid is bad, just wait until you see Bucky deprived of his coffee and morning Danish pastry... An eternity in the Firepits of Apokalips would be a refreshing spring breeze by comparison. (It's never stated, but one might assume that the Police don't intervene on Common Grounds property because if they're having a coffee they're not robbing a bank, and if you did try to intervene then it would get very messy very quickly.)

These stories are mostly 9 pages long (a few longer, a few shorter), which makes trimming to 1/3 a beast of a job, so I would thoroughly recommend checking out the proper versions of these stories (It's available as a TPB for those who can't find the single issues) as they do deserve a proper reading.

From issue 1, the tale of Speeding Bullet, who lives

Beyond the Speed of Life )
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A while ago, [personal profile] neo_prodigy posted a list of his favorite LGBT characters in comics, one of whom was Danielle Baptiste. She used to have the Witchblade; now she's the host of the Angelus. I pointed out in that thread that Dani was still in a will-they/won't-they concerning her relationship with her girlfriend Finch, so including her in the conversation seemed slightly premature.

As it turns out, he sorta called it.

four pages from this week's Angelus #5 )
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The show's not my cuppa, but I know there are a couple of fans here, so:

HBO's True Blood is getting another comic-book treatment, with the first issue of a six-part mini due out in July from IDW. Issue #1 is due to debut at SDCC 2010 and looks like it'll hit store shelves the week after. $3.99 cover price, 32 pages per issue (which, given most of IDW's recent monthlies, likely means 22 pages of story and 10 pages of interviews/house ads). Story to be handled by Allan Ball, David Tischman and Mariah Huehner, with show writers Elisabeth Finch and Kate Barnow contributing to plot. Covers by J. Scott Campbell, interior art by David Messina. Currently available for pre-order from HBO's website.

Cover below the cut )

Suggested tags: title: true blood, title: star trek countdown, creator: david messina, creator: david wohl, creator: jason badower, genre: previews, publisher: idw, publisher: top cow


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