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"Without a doubt, the comics format made me the man I am today. I remember reading [Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story], 14 pages and sold for 10 cents, and as a student with other students in Tennessee, we read the book and had a protest using the lessons from that book.

It was our guide – it was like our road map. And this is my belief – March, with its three books, will be a road map and a guide to many people in the future, especially young people. Especially children.
" - Congressman John Lewis

Given the nature of the book and what is being shown, there is racism, intolerance, and some violence.

5 and 1/4 out of 124 pages

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"To have a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, say “all of the children should be reading this book,” to have someone say “this book should be in every school and every library,” that is very meaningful. And I hope people will read it, not only here in America but around the world, and be inspired to act, be inspired to do something." - Congressman John Lewis

Given the nature of the book and what it is showing, there is racism, intolerance, and some violence.

12 and 1/3 out of 124 pages

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Apartment renting. If you're lucky, you get to rent from a reasonable owner and share a building with people and animals who are halfway civilized. If you're not so might just be New Yorkers Jane and Stephen from Alex Robinson's graphic novel Box Office Poison (Antarctic Press, 1996-2000; collected ed. Top Shelf, 2002). One page from Issue 4 (Mar 1997); eight pages from Issue 8 (Feb 1998).

Trigger warning for misogynistic slurs.

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Publishers Weekly's Panel Mania this week was Lucille by Ludovic Debeurme. Originally printed in France by Futuropolis, Lucille will be published in English on May 10 by Top Shelf Media (or in April, depending on whether you believe PW or Amazon). According to the book's Amazon page, it won the Rene Goscinny Prize. It's a beast, weighing in at 544 pages. Here are 15 pages. 15 depressing pages. First, a plot blurb courtesy of PW's Ada Price:

In Lucille, two teenagers, Lucille and Arthur, struggle with issues inherited from their parents that manifest in Lucille as anorexia and in Arthur as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder tendencies. Arthur’s father is an immigrant fisherman who drowns his depression and anger in alcohol, and Lucille’s parents have split apart. In an effort to escape the patterns and sorrows of their families, they run off together on a bold trip across Europe to forge their own destiny. Lucille is by the award winning French cartoonist Ludovic Debeurme and will be released by Top Shelf in April.

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Title: Fox Bunny Funny (Top Shelf, 2007, 104 pages)
Creator: Andy Hartzell (story and art)
Availability: In Print

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The publisher has a preview up at their site, starting at the opening of the third chapter. I'd strongly recommend picking up a copy to see how things pan out for our protagonist. I wound up at the end of our fox's story with my skin crawling at the same time I was having a sniffle. It's worth checking out.
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Title: Fox Bunny Funny (Top Shelf, 2007, 104 pages)
Creator: Andy Hartzell (story and art)
Availability: In Print

"The Rules are simple.

You're either a fox or a bunny.

Foxes oppress and devour,
bunnies suffer and die.

Everyone knows his place.

Everyone is satisfied."

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