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Can't have a food week without scans from one of the most ridiculous food manga ever drawn, now can we? From Yakitate!! Japan, I give you: A GUY EATING BREAD.

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While you might not want to take recipe advice from this, I figured a manga about a ramen shop run by a cat who is pretty bad at making ramen was both cracky enough for s_d and good enough for food week. Even if it's a little late for the latter.

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Antique Bakery. Delicious. Sinful. Decadent. Edible.

I'd like to do the punchline "and the cakes ain't bad either," but I really was talking about the cake. Not that the men aren't tasty, too. But seriously. Oh my god. Cake.

....This manga has a SCRATCH AND SNIFF COVER. It is CHOCOLATE. Now I ask you, how is that fair?

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my fellow canuckleheads. I hope you all enjoy your food comas. I was in the midst of mine when it occurred to me to propose a theme: FOOD WEEK. All the tasty tasty comics featuring, involving, or instructing one how to make food. How about it?

For my first contribution, I offer some lovely recipes in comic form.


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