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Yesterday's night I posted some weird stuff and today I have decided to redeem myself by posting more cool stuff done by Gene Colan. It was thanks to Proteus_Lives and Auggie18 that I have decided to post the story where our beloved Sentinel of Liberty goes to College. Here is looking at you, amigos! Enjoy.

Cap goes to College! )
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I first got to know the mighty Gene Colan's work in 1982 through his work on a little horror/super-team mashup book of DC's called Night Force. Looking around all week, alls I could find was #8, a two-story issue with the first half devoted to wrapping up the first long story arc, and the second to launching the next. I've picked out the cover and four pages of the second 12-page story for your perusal.

The Night Force was directed from the shadows by mysterious mystical a-hole Baron Winters, from one of those lovely, spooky manses that seem to crop up in Manhattan specifically to meet the needs of dudes like this. We spend the first few pages getting to know criminal scumbag Paul Brooks, on the run from the flatfoots and dropping innocent bodies in his wake. Meanwhile, Sylvia Conrad is explaining to the Baron the nightmare that life in her formerly lovely brownstone apartment has become, ever since the night she saw a falling star...

Beast! )
I love how Colan's people are all ordinary people in this series, of all ages, races and styles, and they all wear street clothes - well, OK, the Baron wears the Gothic A-hole version of street clothes, but still, nary a hard body or a spandex covered ass in sight.
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Greetings, People from Planet Houston. Today I have brought you another chapter of our homage to the late and great Gene Colan. Considering that today is July 4th, I have decided to give you Gene Colan's Captain America. Enjoy.

Captain America Forever! )
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Detective #567 was written by noted science fiction writer and personality, Harlan Ellison and the end result is.... well, it's fantastic.

It's 12:03 in Gotham City and Batman is starting his nightly patrol, but tonight...

will be a night like no other for Batman )
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For Gene Colan Week, here are is a page from a 10-page Black Widow story in AMAZING ADVENTURES #5 (when she shared the book with the Inhumans). The story was reprinted and recolored in a Marvel Black Widow hardcover a few years ago. In fact, it is the original page and the recolored page that I'd like to compare and contrast.
NSFW due to something not being totally concealed.

The overpriced beehive. )
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Back in 1997, Marvel did Flashback Month, where all the titles (except the HEROES REBORN titles) were given #-1 issues, all set some time before the fateful rocket flight that created the Fantastic Four. (I don't know if there was an exact number of years.) Artist Gene Colan and writer Joe Kelly wrote of Matt Murdock's arrival at college and when he first met Foggy Nelson.

When Matt met Foggy )
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I was wondering what to post for this tribute, it's not like there's a dearth of material, and I posted the Batman/Vampire stuff before, but then I remembered one particular story which might be of special interest on s_d, from Gentleman Gene's run on Wonder Woman.

Amongst his many other achievements is one that might go unnoticed; the 1982 introduction of the first major change to Wonder Woman's costume (other than her depowered civvies era) in... well, ever.

It was published, of all places as a comic within a comic within DC Comics Presents #41 (Superman teams up with the Joker in a story that's not without it's charms, but isn't directly relevant here)

What might the W stand for do you think? )

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Usually a week starts on Mondays or Sundays but, because of the magic that Gene Colan gave to all of us, I decided to start today to pay homage to this late Master of Horror and Suspense (Feel free to post whatever you want from Gene Colan during these days, amigos). May the Homage begin now!

Farewell, Gene Colan! )


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