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You may remember way back when I mentioned I had exactly two Mexican comic books? This is the other one, "La Bestia (Roja)" #6 March 17. 1986.

I have not looked this up on Wikipedia, and the translation is slapdash (but took a fair while anyhow.) As near as I can make out, Fernando Rivero works for US military intelligence investigating drug trafficking. His wife and children were recently killed in a fire meant for him, but he escaped with only hideous facial scars. As a result, Fernando wears a special mask that hides the scarring, allowing him to go among normal people.

Warning: The ten pages of thirty-two I've chosen have some Punisher Max-level violence, and racism.

They don't call him The Beast for his chest hair. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Apologies for the oft-delayed second entry in this series, but things have been hectic and I procrastinate a lot.

Anwyay! Today I have a special treat for you. Especially if you're Canadian. This is Sensacional De Luchas #446, published in April, 1994.

Sensacional De Luchas was a long-running comic book series published by Editorial Ejea in the 80's and 90's - Mexico's had wrestling comics of various kinds over the years, either drawn, or with still pictures of the wrestlers themselves. The book featured whatever wrestlers were popular at the time, either in solo adventures, team-ups, or a book-long story detailing a feud between wrestlers. This particular one stars El Vampiro Canadiense (The Canadian Vampire) as the good guy, and Pierroth as the bad guy.

Yes, El Vampiro Canadiense. He's a real wrestler. (He recently broke some vertebrae in his back, though, so he's currently out of commission.)

Anyway! Comic. Yeah. Behind the cut are around 20-odd pages from a 95 page comic book. Much of it was filler, so you're not missing much. This scan is not mine, so I apologize for the blurry pictures.

Yes, this guy was considered hot. )
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Continuing the good work that FoxHack has started (and hopefully not stepping on anyone's toes) here are some more additions to the legend that is Kaliman. And pretty much blatant rip offs.

Such fantastic opponents.... )
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Well, here's one of those projects I've been thinking of doing for quite a while now.

As the majority of everyone who reads this community knows, I'm Mexican. And Mexico has had a LOT of good... and bad... and obvious ripoff... comics over the past 75 years (or more).

And I want to show many of them here. I still have to dig up many of my old comics from storage... most of my comics were Mexican Spanish reprints by Editorial Vid, but I still managed to get some rare and uncommon comics from the late 90's / early 00s (before I stopped buying comics altogether in 2002-2003). Sadly, my collection does not include most of the truly landmark comics that were from before my time, but I hope to find some issues of those books in the future so I can post about them. :)

That said, welcome to...

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I'm going to talk a bit about Kaliman: El Hombre Increíble. It began as a radio drama which first aired on September 16, 1963 and continues to be broadcast to this day. It became so popular that the creators decided to expand upon it and create a WEEKLY comic book that was printed every week for 26 years.

But who is Kaliman? He is a man who has chosen to spend his time fighting evil and injustice in the world. Adoptive heir to a Hindu king, he was abducted and abandoned in the wilderness by a jealous relative who wanted to take the throne for himself. He spent 21 years living on his own, through the wilderness, a Llama monastery, Mongolia, a pirate ship, and Africa - where he finally decides to go back and reclaim what is rightfully his.

When he returns, the relative that abducted him kills his adoptive mother - but then HE is killed by a cobra. Kaliman then gives away all his riches to his fellow countrymen, and turns the castle into a temple of sorts. He returns to the Llama monastery and spends four years learning the secrets of mind control over other people and his own body.

Some of his powers include telepathy, telekinesis, incredible body flexibility (contortion), "actus mortis" (fake death) and many others. While he prefers to try and reason with evil, he will not hesitate to lay the smackdown on anyone who won't listen to reason.

He also has a sidekick, Solín, a young boy who is descended from Egyptian Pharaohs.

And now, the obligatory scan: Any similarity to any existing character is pure coincidence, really. )


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