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The Punisher's interactions with Spider-Man in his very first appearance...

What's interesting about this story is that, as others have pointed out, there's no indication whatsoever that the reader's meant to view the Punisher as an anti-hero instead of as another straight-up Marvel hero. There's certainly no indication that Spider-Man has a problem with his methods.

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So, I saw you guys were having a Punisher week. Seeing as I've never really owned (or read) any of Frank's ongoing titles or mini's - with exception of the War Zone issue packed in with his Marvel Legends action figure - I was wondering just what I could contribute. Duh, Marvel Knights, the 15-issue mini-series that had Daredevil reluctantly teaming with and against the Punisher. From those hallowed pages, I bring you: Frank Castle, the Punisher versus Ulik the Rock Troll.

Scans (not mine) are from issue #3 of the title, 7 out of 22. Written by Chuck Dixon, pencilled by Ed Barreto.

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Greetings True Believers! Well, I'm still trying to get a Punisher Week started, come on people! Show Frank some love!

In keeping with the theme of the week, I'm going scans of Frank interacting with a liberal social worker named Jen. It's from the story arc, "Hidden" in the trade paperback, "Full Auto"

There is some interesting interaction between Frank and a normal person in the Marvel MU.

Jen is helping the homeless when she and a friend go underground to investigate some rumors. A certain vigilante is also in the tunnels that day.....

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Greetings True Believers! I've been inspired by SD (As I often am) So I thought I'd test the waters for a Punisher Week. Who wants in?

I was thinking of a theme, there have several posts about Frank's place in the Marvel Universe. So if you can, post Frank/hero/villain interaction or characters thinking or talking about Frank.

I'll start us off, this is a bio about Frank from Secret Wars: From the Files of Nick Fury. It's a short bio about Castle as well as personal notes from Fury about him. (His insights are awesome.) Enjoy!

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