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Once upon a time, there was Batman: The Animated Series. And it was good.

Then someone decided to shake up the status quo, slap more action-ready redesigns on everybody, replace half the writing staff, and tie it all to the Superman cartoon airing at the time. And the results were decidedly horrible mixed.

Somewhere closer to the positive end of that scale, we have 1996's Batgirl Adventures #1, sort of a pseudo-sequel to 1995's Batman Adventures Holiday Special as well as another prototype of TNBA's Girls' Night Out. Once again, there's not much plot other than "the ladies of Gotham kick lots of ass, add one cup of humor and stir", but it's a formula that's made Paul Dini plenty popular, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't fond if it.

(Doesn't hurt that the yellow-and-black look is one of my favorite BG costumes of all time, either.)

The other (other) World's Finest, behind the cut! )
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Oh, there was a girl from Gotham...

That walked the hero's road,

For the sake of her old father...

It's to her I sing this ode.

With ra-zor sharp intellect...

She struck down every foe.

Joy and inspiration,

It's these to her we owe...

Gray and blue...

Gray and blue...

The girl from Gotham wore the gray and blue...

So of course, this comic is best known for introducing a sociopathic criminal. C'est la vie. )

By the way, I'll be going through a lot of Babsgirl stuff this week, so if there's anything you want me to keep my grubby little hands off of, speak up now. Thank you.
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Every interest, every hobby, every fetish has to start somewhere. And it was such a quiet, innocent day in a bookstore when I came across a comic that I would only later identify as Justice League Adventures #17.

Now, back then, superhero comics were pretty much the last thing on my mind. I recognized most of the really iconic heroes - mostly in their Timmverse incarnations - but I was primarily invested in Tintin comics, along with a stipend of Chinese-translated Disney comics that my grandparents would mail over from The People's Republic every few months. There was something about this one though, that just made me want to pick it up.

Fast-forward ten years, and I'm now neck-deep in a den of debauchery involving (amongst other things) homicidal clowns, mute ninja Batgirls, and X-rated fanfiction about people who insist on putting their underwear outside of their pants. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.

In retrospect, this particular comic isn't really much of a keeper - the story's kinda goofy and shallow, especially in comparison with the kind of tie-in comics that previous DCAU properties, like Batman: The Animated Series, got. General consensus around the 'net also seems to be that the quality of the DCAU tie-in comics slowly went down the toilet as time went on, with the ones for Justice League Unlimited truly hitting the bottom of the barrel. Anyone who cares to comment on this part, please do!

But enough about that. On with this tribute the the one that started it all.

(Note: 7 pages from a 22-page story.)

Femdom, crossdresing, and more behind the cut! )

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I was introduced to this story way back in scans_daily 1.0, whereupon it was instantly beloved by all. Upon tracking down the issues myself, this three-part finale from The Batman Adventures became one of my top ten favorite Batman stories ever, from any continuity.

I'm posting it here as the next part of my Hugo Strange series, as it was his only appearance in the ten years after Prey, and it's *also* tied to New Year's Eve. In keeping with Batman: The Animated Series' treatment of villains, Hugo is given unprecedented character depth, sympathy, and a tragedy which matches (perhaps even rivals) the stories of Harvey Dent and Mr. Freeze.

But let's not kid ourselves. I know the main reason why you folks love this story. It's a testament to the greatness of these comics that Hugo's sad story could run in the same issues as moments like this:

In Memoriam, behind the cut )

It's because of stories like this that I honestly consider the TAS comics--all four series--to be the greatest Batman comics of the past twenty-five years. Maybe if these comics ever actually had crossovers into the DCU or "mattered" in some way continuity-wise, more people would have cared.

As it is, I'm just glad I recently managed to complete my entire collection of The Batman Adventures, Batman & Robin Adventures, Batman: Gotham Adventures, and Batman Adventures, until DC finally wises up and reprints the whole series.

Happy New Year, folks! Drive safely, drink sensibly, and try not to get your memory wiped!
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Seven pages under the cut )

Tags: title: Gotham Adventures, theme: DCAU, char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, char: Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson, char: Robin/Red Robin/Tim Drake, char: Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon, char: Alfred Pennyworth, creator: Scott Peterson, creator: Terry Beatty, creator: Tim Levins
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Tags: title: Gotham Adventures, char: Robin/Red Robin/Tim Drake, char: Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson, char: Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon, char: Alfred Pennyworth, theme: dcau, creator: Scott Peterson, creator: Tim Levins, creator: Terry Beatty
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Tags: title: Gotham Adventures, creator: Ty Templeton, creator: Rick Burchett, char: Selina Kyle/Catwoman, char: Bruce Wayne/Batman, theme: DCAU
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Whew! Didn't think I'd get this one up this week! Finding internet while on a road trip is damn tricky, especially in the rural South. Lord knows if I'll even get next week's posted at all.

In last week's post about a time when Harvey became a vigilante to thwart Two-Face, I made direct comparison to the episode of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES entitled "Judgment Day," wherein Two-Face gained a third personality who became a vigilante known as "The Judge."

I've already complained on why I hated the Judge for botching what could have been a great concept--Harvey's good side manifesting as a vigilante--but thankfully, Ty Templeton used the Judge as a jumping-off point for an excellent issue of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES:

That makes me the good guy for now )
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I thought I'd share some Batman and Robin animation I had somehow never seen before.

How did this not make it to a full series? )

tags creator: bob smith, creator: terry beatty, creator: ty templeton, title: gotham adventures, medium: advertisement, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: bane, char: riddler/edward nigma, theme: dcau
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Batman: TBatB DCAU goodness. )
Recommended tags: char: batman/bruce wayne,char: superman/clark kent,theme: dcau,title: gotham adventures,title: batman the brave and the bold, in-joke: context is for the weak
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The Two-Face of B:TAS is easily one of the finest depictions of the character. It stayed true to his spirit even while the origin was notably altered* in both the physical and psychological causes for Harvey's transformation.

The psychological explanation for Harvey's dark side--dubbed "Big Bad Harv," and after all these years, I still don't know if I find that silly or not--is it's the result from years of Harvey's suppressed rage, stemming from his guilt at attacking a bully.

As far as psychological motivations go, it's rather specious. I mean, really, one moment like that doesn't create Two-Face. But it was written for kids who were likely familiar with the pain of bullies, and hey, ongoing child abuse isn't exactly the stuff of afternoon cartoons.

But then we have the comics based on B:TAS, which weren't afraid to introduce darker themes. As such, leave it to the great Ty Templeton (an underrated master; dig this awesome interview with Ty conducted by our own [personal profile] zegas) to delve past the "bully" theory, and introduce a twist on the regular DCU origin:

A Dent family reunion behind the cut )

Finally, a request: does anybody have scans of the BATMAN newspaper comic strips that ran from 1989-1991? I'm very interested to read the Two-Face story, naturally, but also the Mad Hatter one. They're damn hard to find! Apparently, they ran in COMICS REVUE, but I can't find what issues.

*I have to wonder if the network censors at FOX had a hand in this, or they were both creative choices on the part of Dini/Timm et al. Check out check out this Bruce Timm drawing of all the things the censors wouldn't allow. See how many you can find!
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This is from Superman Adventures 64. 22 pages total, posted 7 and the cover.

Terry gets sent back in time by Bruce of the future to prevent Clark from making a horrible mistake.

Basically Brainiac has launched this super nuke that could put the entire earth into a nuclear winter. Superman originally stopped this by throwing it into the sun and it worked...until the future when it eventually caused the sun to send solar flares towards earth, heating it more and more each day. Terry is here to stop that and instead of the sun Superman throws it into deep space where no one will ever get hurt by it.

But there is a catch. Bruce of the future imprisoned Brainiac into the bat-computer and basically rendered him powerless. He discovers some of Brainiac's blueprints, including one for a Kryptonian time machine which be uses to send Terry back in time, but that part of Brainic awakens and stows away on the Bat-plane to the past to merge with it's past self and become even stronger.

It is mentioned that there is a time paradox by the way.

Brainiac ends up possessing Terry's suit, but Terry wins by taking out the power source from the new bat-plane, which in turn turns off Brainiac.

Most misleading cover ever too.

I am not good at tagging so hopefully I got it right.

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I also think this post fits in nicely with the "rich superheroes beat up poor criminals" debate currently going on :)

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