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This is mostly because I can't believe someone didn't get around to posting this before. Art like this ought to get more (aheh) coverage.

Tumblr artist Mike Lunsford recently made the Huffington Post for his redesigns of iconic Superheroines with costumes that were functional, recognisable, stylish...and fully-covered.

Behold! Trousers, Leggings and Blouses! )
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In reply from a request from [personal profile] werehawk , I've done some digging through my longboxes, the local library and the invaluable resources at tfwiki to produce this profile of one of more interesting humans to interact with the Transformers in many, many years...

The fact that she appears to be wearing nothing more than a layer of shredded tinfoil should not lead one to underestimate Josie Beller, better known as...

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Continuing our look at the manga soon to go away from, I have another Takao Saito (Golgo-13) creation, "Kitty Hawker."

Created in the 1990s, Kitty Hawker is the story of Oki, a Japanese pilot who, while trying out for Pacific Air, managed to somehow destroy a $300,000 simulator. Apparently, he's aces as a pilot, but a little bit unlucky. As a result, he's been assigned to Lian Air, a subsidary of Pacific. There, he must perform any insanely difficult and hazardous mission ordered, in order to pay for the simulator.

Oki is accompanied on each mission by Bud, a really good mechanic (one wonders what he did to be saddled with these jobs) and a young, pretty mission specialist of the week. But "young, pretty mission specialist" just doesn't seem enough for Women's History Month, so we're going to skip Chapter One, and go to Chapter Three, and the introduction of someone more interesting.

Sixteen pages of fifty.

Old, but still going strong. )

In real life, the first female air traffic controller was Mary Chance van Scyoc. You can read more about her in her autobiography, "A Lifetime of Chances."

Your thoughts, comments, and favorite women in aviation?
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Yeah yeah, I know, I'm on a Raven bender lately with her reintroduction in the DCnU. But it was either this or Steph Brown, and that's a hard one to do without letting "toxic" bitterness creep in; besides, Steph's got plenty of boosters here, I figure.

Besides, I was trawling the used bookstore's comic stash today and came across a copy of Baxter paper series New Teen Titans #43, which amounts to a Raven solo story and a good illustration of the things I loved about her. So I've got 8 pages out of a 27-page issue. A note on the art: the credits give the pencils to Eduardo Barreto, but the cover claims - and the DC Database confirms - it's Curt Swan. I'm not a huge Swan fan, and this is serviceable art, but I'd love to see what, say, Gene Colan could've done with this same material; something to keep in the imagination while looking these over, no?

Are paranormal powers any more difficult to accept than man's sometime cruelty to other men? )
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I don't know if I'd say that Storm is my favorite female character (mostly because I'm not sure I'd say I have "favorites" per se) but she's certainly up there. And since there were requests for Storm scans, I'm going to share some scans of her very earliest appearances, so you can know she was awesome from the very beginning. I'll also be interspersing it with other scans from the same issues that amuse me.

Onward! )
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I realized I've been neglecting the DC bad-ass ladies, probably due to my fondness of a certain family of red heads. And the sheer awesomeness of Danielle Moonstar.

Anyway, Black Canary time.

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This seems singularly apt. Though not a happy story, and indeed horrifying in more ways than I can articulate, it's a story about courage, and determination in the face of unimaginable opposition.

The piece is called Malala Yousafzai: I have the right. (Those of you familiar with the name will know that this is a story involving violence against a young woman, and bravery beyond measure, for those of you who aren't yet familiar with it, read on...)

Because this is a real person, I'm being cautious with the trigger warnings, and include them for bullying, child abuse, misogyny/sexism and violence towards women.

Not just BASED on a true story, but an ACTUAL true story )
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Shounen fight manga is a genre not know for giving female characters good roles. In most series, they're either barely there, on the sidelines, or playing second fiddle to the male lead whenever a major fight rolls around.

Fairy Tail is not one of those series!

Erza Scarlet in Pandemonium behind cut )
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Sarah Essen isn't my favorite female character in the Batman mythos, but she is an interesting one. She's a good cop, loves Jim Gordon dearly, but has a problem with the whole "his best friend is a masked vigilante" thing.
Sarah's introduction in BATMAN: YEAR ONE is after the cut.

Think of her as a cop )
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Big thanks to everyone who put forth suggestions and voted in the poll. You guys came up with a lot of great ideas. And the winner is...

Favourite heroines & female characters!

Have fun with it!

Don't forget to tag you posts with the "theme: favourite female characters" tag.

We'll probably use the other most popular themes of the poll result for the next month before we ask for suggestions again :)

Go wild!


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