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"Without a doubt, the comics format made me the man I am today. I remember reading [Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story], 14 pages and sold for 10 cents, and as a student with other students in Tennessee, we read the book and had a protest using the lessons from that book.

It was our guide – it was like our road map. And this is my belief – March, with its three books, will be a road map and a guide to many people in the future, especially young people. Especially children.
" - Congressman John Lewis

Given the nature of the book and what is being shown, there is racism, intolerance, and some violence.

5 and 1/4 out of 124 pages

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"To have a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, say “all of the children should be reading this book,” to have someone say “this book should be in every school and every library,” that is very meaningful. And I hope people will read it, not only here in America but around the world, and be inspired to act, be inspired to do something." - Congressman John Lewis

Given the nature of the book and what it is showing, there is racism, intolerance, and some violence.

12 and 1/3 out of 124 pages

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"I was drinking and complaining about how all someone needs to do to have a hit is jam monsters into history, fiction and non fiction. I said, “You could just take Lewis and Clark and say they were really hunting monsters in the american frontier.” Then I realized it wasn’t terrible idea and I could have fun and maybe make money with it. So I stopped complaining and here we are." - Chris Dingess

Writer: Chris Dingess
Artist: Matthew Roberts
Colorist: Owen Gieni

8 of 24 pages

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These scans are from a one-shot propaganda comic. Created in 1947 by an uncredited writer and artist, and issued by the Catechetical Guild Education Society, a Roman Catholic publisher, Is This Tomorrow envisions, step by step, how a communist takeover of America might take place. While the scenario isn't entirely implausible (we're not talking anywhere near Chick Tract-level distortion of reality, here), it does call for more than a little suspension of disbelief in places. And snark. Let's not forget the snark.

This 48-page comic is now in the public domain (scans courtesy of

It Can Happen Here(?) Also, trigger warning for racism and violence/gore )
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The Photographer preview

The Photographer: Into war-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders

The Photographer
was published in English by First Second books in May 2009, but I only recently borrowed it from my library (libraries are awesome). Like some of my favorite comic books (Palestine, Barefoot Gen, Persepolis, Maus), it's a historical autobio. Middle Eastern history always confuses me, but this book does a good job of explaining what was going on in 1986 Afghanistan. I know there's not much of a demand for this kind of work here, but it was such a good book that I just had to share it.

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From 1955, a bit of a rarity; a docucomic drawn by Graham Ingels. From one of EC's last sputters before the Comics Code.
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"He has the strength of ten tigers.
You never find him, he finds you.
He has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears.
His voice turns blood into ice.
He who sees the his face, dies a horrible death.

He is the Ghost who Walks. The Phantom. The Man Who Cannot Die."

He also sometimes team up with America's Coolest Founding Father. Like in this story.

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I've been watching the events in Iran--what one can find out through the web, because the networks are blind--and was reminded of some work by Garth Ennis and Alan Moore that, at least in scraps, helps give a little bit of context to our historical place in this whole mess.

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Someone mentioned this in relation to my last post on Iran's history. Found it, so here it is.


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