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So it's Twelfth Night (depending on how you reckon it), and that gives me an excuse to take a look at something that IDW was a bit tardy in releasing.

It was quite a while back that they announced they'd be putting out a new printing of L Frank Baum's Life and Adventures of Santa Claus with illustrations by Eisner Award Winning (and a friend of mine from the Oz fandom) artist Eric Shanower. The release date kept slipping farther and father back, and it overshot the most recognized date of Christmas to come out in comic shops yesterday (and it'll overshoot Orthodox Christmas for the bookstores).

But the book was well worth the wait; it's gorgeous. And while not a comic I think it's not totally off topic to put a few photographs here for you to look at.

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The penultimate episode of Macross (and thus the penultimate episode and issue of Robotech the Macross Saga), takes place at Christmas time. In the absence of Lynn Minmei (the popstar responsible for victory against the Zentraedi), Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes have grown closer, however Minmei has run away from her cousin/manager/quasi-boyfriend Lynn Kyle and is reflecting on her current situation.

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It almost pains me that this charming story has to be trimmed down to four pages, but as it's part of the ongoing narrative and it's less than 4 weeks old I feel I have to.

I DO encourage you to get hold of a copy, it really is rather sweet and fun, and I'm having to completely ignore the subplot about Shana's so far absence of anything approaching a love life.

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I guess posting this has become somewhat of a tradition for me but it's mainly because there's very few EC Christmas stories. 

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Well, now all the fuss over that little Star Wars movie is over and I doubt we'll ever hear anything about it ever again, it seems like this would be a good time to change tack just a little.

This is a season of many celebrations of many religions, some of which are also celebrated by those of no particular faith, or none at all.

So, rather than focus one thing too much, let's make this a week of posting scans celberating holidays of all shapes, sizes and situations! Hannukah, Diwali (Bit late for those two, sorry, but don't let that stop you posting!), Christmas, Yule... whatever festival the Church of the Invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster celebrates....

And if you have particular celebrations in your country which might be new to the rest of the world, if you can find scans of it, that would be awesome!

And, on behalf of the Mod Team of Scans_Daily... Happy Holidays!


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