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The penultimate episode of Macross (and thus the penultimate episode and issue of Robotech the Macross Saga), takes place at Christmas time. In the absence of Lynn Minmei (the popstar responsible for victory against the Zentraedi), Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes have grown closer, however Minmei has run away from her cousin/manager/quasi-boyfriend Lynn Kyle and is reflecting on her current situation.

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It almost pains me that this charming story has to be trimmed down to four pages, but as it's part of the ongoing narrative and it's less than 4 weeks old I feel I have to.

I DO encourage you to get hold of a copy, it really is rather sweet and fun, and I'm having to completely ignore the subplot about Shana's so far absence of anything approaching a love life.

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I guess posting this has become somewhat of a tradition for me but it's mainly because there's very few EC Christmas stories. 

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Well, now all the fuss over that little Star Wars movie is over and I doubt we'll ever hear anything about it ever again, it seems like this would be a good time to change tack just a little.

This is a season of many celebrations of many religions, some of which are also celebrated by those of no particular faith, or none at all.

So, rather than focus one thing too much, let's make this a week of posting scans celberating holidays of all shapes, sizes and situations! Hannukah, Diwali (Bit late for those two, sorry, but don't let that stop you posting!), Christmas, Yule... whatever festival the Church of the Invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster celebrates....

And if you have particular celebrations in your country which might be new to the rest of the world, if you can find scans of it, that would be awesome!

And, on behalf of the Mod Team of Scans_Daily... Happy Holidays!
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Japan, as one might expect, has its own set of traditions revolving around holidays. Valentine's Day, for instance, has been imported from the West, but the rituals around it have grown very specific. Only girls give gifts on Valentine's Day, and that gift is almost never anything but chocolate. They give simple store-bought 'obligation' chocolates to any boy they'd consider a friend, and those aren't considered to mean much at all. But for that special someone, they're supposed to go to more effort -- buying fancy, expensive chocolates, or for the ultimate touch, making something at home from scratch.

Boys are expected to return the favor exactly one month later. March 14 is a holiday known as 'White Day,' when boys give white chocolate to any girl who gave them chocolate on Valentine's, and maybe fully begin a relationship with one. (You will be unsurprised to learn that White Day was invented entirely by the Japanese candy industry.)

Nowadays, though, there's a growing awareness of people who don't fit the mold -- especially in anime and manga. What do non-straight couples do on Valentine's Day? Some authors have answered that question, sometimes even drawing on their own personal experience...

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Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today shall be my last 2011 entry for Scans-Daily 3.0 because of vacations but because of that I have some treats for all of you before I go. Enjoy!

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In The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, there's only one holiday that's celebrated as much as April Fool's Day.

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X-mas isn't the only holiday this time of year, so I thought I'd share some comicage of my personal holiday of choice, the secular winter holiday Agnostica!

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Well, it's that time of year again, so here's a post that's become sort of an annual S_D holiday tradition. From 1989's Christmas With the Super-Heroes, I bring a short holiday Deadman tale called "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot."

There's Giordano art, too, if that entices you. )


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