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I was thinking about this scene over the holiday weekend, due to unrelated family drama, and I thought I'd take a moment to talk about how it impresses me.

the last two pages of Alias )
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Alias starts out with Jessica Jones, former superhero, current private eye, and all around loser. Jessica's had a few bad years and her self esteem has suffered for it. So has the collective opinion of her friends and former colleagues. She's self-destructive, an alcoholic, and stubborn as cuss.

By issue three, she's knee-deep in a setup involving Captain America's civilian identity, and a presidential campaign. Bodies are piling up, and Jessica's been questioned about her connection to them. Nobody's answering her calls and no leads are turning up. In short, she's screwed. Desperate, she decides to approach old friend Carol Danvers, who it seems she hasn't spoken to in years.

This is our first glimpse of the complicated relationship between these characters. Jessica knew Carol back in her Jewel days. They were friends. She maybe looked up to Carol, who always flew that much higher, hit that much harder. Carol had her own struggle with alcohol, but she's recovering. Carol's still a hero, still connected, and while Jessica didn't want that life anymore - Carol is still on the inside, while Jess is on her own.

5/22 from Alias #3.

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[profile] darklorlei and I recently watched a bunch of classic noir films and reminded me of how much Alias is a love letter to those films (and novels). It's clear Bendis is also drawing heavily on more recent stuff, but man is this such a classic detective story opener.

The first four pages from Alias #1 by Bendis and Gaydos. Read more... )

PS. Yes, my modcation was fab. How have you all been?


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