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Okay, finally got around to digging out a Marvel comic, Alpha Flight #22 (first series.)

Some context for our younger readers: At the end of the first year of Alpha Flight, their leader Guardian was killed off and the team largely broke up, so the next year focused on stories spotlighting one or two of the members, while advancing the various subplots leading up to the #25 milestone issue. Of course, keeping all the balls in the air means that sometimes a writer gets a little stuck, and in this case had to come up with a villain by looking at his eraser.


Seven pages of a 22-page story, plus a treat.

The title of the story is 'Rub-Out' )

If this is your rirst time at Scans Daily, a friendly reminder that we don't do fat-shaming here.

Your thoughts and comments?

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While it may be slightly overshadowed this week by the release of a few other big-ticket comics, such as an issue of Avengers, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Ben Oliver have released a "point one" issue of their new run on Alpha Flight.

I have no strong opinions on Alpha Flight as a group, aside from when I was eight and an issue of John Byrne's run on the book scared the hell out of me (it was the one with a woman with a mouth for a face, if that means anything to you), but I flipped through this issue in the store based on Pak and Van Lente's names. I am now somewhat convinced that they A) read Scans Daily, and B) pander to it.

Five pages after the cut. )
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As DC's attempt to revive the 1980's title The Outsiders fades away, what cutting edge title does Marvel have to look forward to..

It's aboot time, eh? )
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Ooooh! My first post since the migration!

When the subject of silent comics came up, I immediately thought of Alpha Flight #13. While Issue #12 was famous for the death of Guardian. I always thought this issue really brought that fact home. Heather had witnessed Mac burning up right in front of her, and was clearly haunted by that site for a long time.

Seven Pages from Alpha Flight #13 )
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First on the table, some translated pages from an Alpha Flight dojinshi.

Yes, such a thing exists and it makes me happy. )

And another round of Alpha Flight comics from James Duncan of Pitabow Comics.

Oh, Scans Daily, how prophetic you are!* )

*OK, so it's been planned for a while, but anyway...

Also, I'm clearing out some comics and TPBs if anyone's interested. /plug
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But Northstar LUNGES out!

Because who doesn't like to reveal their sexual orientation while outrunning an explosion/punching an anime character?

(Am I the only one who can't read that dialogue without hearing the dulcet tones of Vampire Bill?)
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Title: Alpha Flight #106 - "The Walking Wounded" (Marvel, 1992, 22pages)
Creators: Scott Lobdell (writing) and Mark Pacella (art)
Availability: Out of print

So...Northstar's coming-out issue.

*deep sigh*

Yeeeah. Northstar's coming-out issue...about that...

Beware the teal deer. )

There you go, [personal profile] dorksidefiker. Hope I didn't just replace one bad taste with another. ;)
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Title: Alpha Flight #101 - "Death and How To Live It" (Marvel, 1991, 22 pages)
Creators: Fabian Nicieza (writer) and Tom Morgan (art)
Availability: Out of Print

So the Avengers and Alpha Flight had recently teamed up to fend off an alien invasion of Canada (although not the property damage that tends to come along with these things), but despite driving off the menace, the fight's not over yet...

Receive the gift! )

For some reason, this got a lot funnier once I had a couple of Incredible Herc trades under my belt. ;)
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Arzeno just finished my commission. Request was: Northstar posing for a teen heart-throb magazine back when he was a skiing champion. I'm kind of lacking for words, but I think "guh!" about covers it. <3

Sexy, but SFW )
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Catching up on my blogs, sharing random bits of comics news...

Via Alas -- Kevin Smith was booted off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat. He's justifiably pissed off and has been regularly pasting SWA on his Twitter feed since. Unfunny Business over on JournalFen has a more complete link round-up on this one.

Brian Hibbs posts his yearly Bookscan analysis, tracking trade and GN sales outside of the direct market. Interesting bit: while Marvel routinely dominates the DM, it does look like DC comes out ahead in book sales.

Dirk Deppey and Johanna Carlson analyze Brian Hibbs' analysis.

Heroclix announces a Watchmen box set. Colossal Dr. Manhattan to be sold separately. Heh.

And one figure from the Blackest Night Heroclix set

It's not Ruffles, but... )

Thor vs....

Dec. 1st, 2009 01:01 am
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The context gets weaker! )

Ah, see you guys in a week. Going to a Buddhist retreat over the next 5 days, and probably won't have internet access (or very little of it, heh).


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