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Jul. 8th, 2015 06:50 pm
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'We've no intention of going "dark" or serving an adults-only audience. That's cheap, that's easy, and anyone can do it. Literally, any chimpanzee with a keyboard can write, "Issue One, Page One, Panel One: Establishing shot, the fetid boys' room of Riverdale High. Jughead pukes into a toilet, a heroin needle still dangling from his vein." Not interested.' -- Mark Waid

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Now the actual issue doesn't come out until next wednesday, but the preview was released and if it's going where I think that it is, then it might possibly by the greatest thing ever.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch is probably my favourite Archie Comics character, in so far as a "favoutite" character in Archie Comics is capable of existing.

Although I was more familiar with the tv version, I am amused by how awesome the comicbook one is.

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So after the debut of a gay character, two interracial marriages and a character getting breast cancer, what does the future have in store for the gentle folk of Riverdale?
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A bit late for "Beyond the Big Two" week, but I know you folks like Archie-related posts...

Archie #634, and the finale of the "Archie Marries Valerie" timeline!

To recap: Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats has become interested in Archie Andrews. While considering if this is a wise move, she wanders into the Memory Lane area of the Yellow Woods and starts having visions of a possible future.

Valerie and Archie get married. They form the duo of "Him and Her." Veronica becomes a Pussycat. The Archies reform as "Sugar Sugar" with Trev (Valerie's brother and Betty's new squeeze), Betty, Reggie and Jughead. Archie and Valerie have a baby girl named Star, who turns out to be a musical prodigy.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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Let's check in with yet another of the future timelines Archie Comics is doing--the one where he marries Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats!

Previously: Valerie walked into the Memory Lane section of the forest while thinking of Archie, and wondering if she should pursue a relationship with him. In this timeline, the Archies band got some breaks so they went beyond a local band status. They kept running into the Pussycats, and Archie and Valerie started going steady. (In the background, Betty met and started dating Valerie's brother Trevor.)

Eventually, they eloped and got married, but the two bands' touring schedules meant the young couple wasn't getting much together time. Alex (the Pussycat's PR guy) put together a reality show where Archie and Valerie helped teach kids at music school. This was so successful that Mr. & Mrs. Andrews decided to go full-time.

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Your thoughts and comments?


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