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AKA, what Mai got up to after dumping Zuko in the Promise...

Since this WAS a free comic... that does mean I can post all of it, right? Will cut down if necessary.
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A brief bit, which makes more sense within the context of the story and character development during the animated series.Enormous spoilers )
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Contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man, Justice League and Demon Knights

Trigger warnings for sexism and homophobia
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Buzzfeed have been given a preview of the next part in the Airbender sequel, though the thing itself doesn't come out until April.

Not the entire preview, here, just a few pages.
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While it was fun to see the Aang gang back together and in fine form, it ended a little slow, and we didn't see the start of the world Korra lives in like I thought we would. But the peace was established, and we got the idea of... well, I won't spoil that...

but all of this labor came at a price.


*note to mods: Not my scans...

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the continuing adventures of Avatar Aang and Team Avatar as they try to resolve the issues of the fire nation colony.

But I found the side-story to be so good I am posting it.

*mods, why doesn't Toph's tagline have "GREATEST EARTHBENDER IN THE WORLD"?
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