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"I'm also taking some inspiration from old Captain America stories from the past — that sense of writers in dark times exploring what their country meant to them — and a few yet to come. The U.S. Avengers are going to have their role to play in the future." -- Al Ewing

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"Much as I did with CAPTAIN AMERICA: MAN OUT OF TIME, I wanted to pick a moment in Avengers history that had been kind of glossed over and go into greater depth. The story of the Avengers drafting three known criminals into their ranks is more timely now than it was back then, even, as reporters in our story worry that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are foreign terrorists!" -- Mark Waid

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"I honestly have no idea what America will be or represent when the book comes out. I don’t even know what America will look like when this interview comes out. Things are really not normal right now, and it seems like every day brings some new piece of ugly strangeness to our attention. I’m scared for my friends.

"In a context like that, I wonder how useful escapism or superhero thrills can be, but as part of a balanced diet and as a means of taking a breather, recharging the batteries, and maybe finding some sort of positive inspiration in a difficult time, I’d at least like to believe it does more good than harm. And having the United States represented in this hour by this team feels relatively positive."
-- Al Ewing

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