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"[It was] a little terrifying. I’ve always been a fan of the Wasp, the thing we had to be most careful about was making readers understand that this isn’t a dismissal of Janet Van Dyne or her legacy, and I think we’ve accomplished that in the way we’ve set up our story. We’re not in any way trying to replace Janet." -- Mark Waid

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"I think he’s one of those characters that’s gotten the short shrift. He’s like the Martian Manhunter of the Avengers. He’s the one that nobody pays attention to but everybody sort of has a secret love for. And honestly, once Captain America: Civil War movie put him in a sweater – that was awesome." -- Mark Waid

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They were separated by the forcefield that the Zodiac'd thrown over Manhattan.

The teenage Tony Stark opened a temporary hole in the barrier, spending the last power in his life-preserving chestplate to do so. Some innocent people inside got out, and all the Avengers outside got in.

Tony was saved from death, thanks to Hank Pym; the forcefield was saved from death, thanks to that.

Quicksilver went looking for the base in Manhattan the Zodiac almost certainly had to have; he found it.

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"Sam's all for the help, but he didn't ask for it -- it was given to him by selfless Avengers. It was Brevoort's idea that the Avengers traditionally very rarely got involved in each member's Dilemma Du Jour, and maybe we could switch that up." -- Mark Waid

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"I love having more women on the team, and I especially love having a Big Brain -- too many of the MU's geniuses have that Y chromosome." -- Mark Waid

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"We have a lot of supergeniuses in the Marvel universe, but very few of them are women. I really wanted to give the main Marvel universe a young woman who is tomorrow’s Tony Stark or Reed Richards—she has more of a biochemical bent. Tony’s an engineer, Reed is very technological, but [the Wasp] is a biochemist wizard." -- Mark Waid

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