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"I wish I could take credit for the image, but my memory is that Jason Aaron tossed it out during one of the creative retreats and I dived on it like a rat on a slice of pizza. I knew exactly what to do with it and what it signifies..." -- Mark Waid

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"The generational aspect was something that we backed into more than planned. The initial goal was to mix in two or three heroes who’d never been Avengers before, and if you've read Jonathan Hickman's excellent run, you’ll sympathize when I say that my choices were few and far between. Hickman’s Avengers included half the New Warriors, some of the Fantastic Four, all of the Green Bay Packers, and my Aunt Madeline, who was of no help." -- Mark Waid

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'Our first story is, as near as Brevoort and I can remember, the first time since 1963 that someone’s actually done an Avengers origin story; because when we pick up after Secret Wars, there is no formal “Avengers” team for the first time ever.' -- Mark Waid

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"After the Jonathan Hickman era fielding the largest active Avengers team ever, we wanted to pull back to a more manageable scale and a tight team of characters whose interactions and relationships could form the backbone of the drama." -- Editor Tom Brevoort

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They saved Manhattan too.

They did it on a day in September, when the astrological cartel's army stole over the island before the dawn's early light could.

The men who'd taken Zodiac's coin cut the island off from New York and took its populace hostage.

Their leader, their supreme commander Aries, made their work known to America. He claimed that no rescue would come from outside, because of the force field that now surrounded the island, or from within- because the four Avengers who were there'd been captured by his men.

The lives that he held, he said, could only be purchased with a billion-dollar ransom. If none was presented within twenty-four hours, all who weren't Zodiac would be liquidated.

There seemed to be no one who could gainsay him- the other Avengers were out of town, along with the Fantastic Four. Spidey was in Queens, and had his aunt's health to take care of.

And the Man Without Fear?

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"To me, the fun of writing any team book is seeing how its members react to one another in the non-action moments. What happens when you strand these two on a desert island? What about when you take these three, who’ve never shared page-time before, and send them on a do-or-die mission?" -- Mark Waid

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When I was rereading and skimming through Hickman's Avengers & New Avengers to do the post on Smasher (and eventual posts on Pod & Validator), I took more notice of the art in these two runs. In particular, I took a closer look at Mike Deodato Jr.'s artwork that he provided for many of the issues. When the guy was good, he pretty dang good and drew some very nice pieces.

However, he was off his game, he drew some of the more impressive looking Escher girls and barbie dolls in comics that I've seen in this modern age. As such, let's take a trip down memory lane and highlight some of his more... sillier and questionable depictions of the female characters.

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Izzy and her wedgie-giving costume all artists like to detail.

If there was one thing I really liked during Jonathan Hickman's Avengers run, it was Issue #5, the introduction to Isbael "Izzy" Dare (later changed to Isabel Kane), the new Smasher. I thought it was a great issue that was filled with character, emotion, drama, no pretentiousness, and more. I walked away from the comic liking the character a lot and was excited to see where Hickman would take her... unfortunately, it didn't go so well.

As such, follow me as we look at everything she got to do and how little she did during this Avengers series.

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This is Namor's bit from "Before Time Runs Out," the storyline from Avengers World that showed what happened before the time-jump in "Time Runs Out." It's written by Frank Barbiere and illustrated by Marco Checchetto.

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"No one talks about these event comics years down the road unless they are a disaster, cost jobs, and crash the market. Just finished SW 8." - Jonathan Hickman

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A page from AVENGERS #32, part of ORIGINAL SIN, had Captain America in the far future talking to Franklin Richards about the Incursions and how to stop them. And there is an image of a white Iron Man armor fighting a high-tech Captain America armor.

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