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Greetings True Believers!

This comm needs more Cap-Love! I'm still inspired by the previous discussion about Steve during the daily meme.

One part of the discussion was about the admiration that Cap receives. Well, how do people feel about Steve?

I've got a few examples from Avengers Disassembled and MARVELS. Cap is so awesome that sometimes awesome Cap moments don't need Steve in them.

Also, I'm calling on other SDers to share moments of of Cap-Fancy. Yes, that's what I'm calling it. Enjoy!

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While recapping the woeful events of AVENGERS #200 and AVENGERS ANNUAL #10, I brought up Ms. Marvel saying she hated Wanda Maximoff in AVENGERS FINALE. And here we are, with words by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Steve Epting. First off, Tony Stark gives a rather half-arsed explanation as to why he can't fund the Avengers anymore and why he's leaving the Mansion a burned-out pit.

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