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While posting the 1946 storyline of BPRD, someone asked what Varvara, demon and head of Stalin's occult research group, was up to in the present day. And since I'm waiting for the newest trade to be delivered, I thought that I'd post what happened to her in... the 50s or 60s, I think it was.

From the storyline A Cold Day in Hell.
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Wherein the Hellboy prequel explores the formation of the titular group...
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This week, some dark and unstable individuals left the comic book universes they existed in.

Selections from the Incredible Hulk #6 & #7 and B.P.R.D. the Long Death #3.

The fights were ugly and brutal, and in the end the monsters did as they have lived.

Good night, and may you find the peace you did not have in life.


***Fair warning, may be NSFW due to gore.***

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[personal profile] sherkahn has the preview, as Dark Horse and the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. team continue to deliver tales of things that go bump in the night.

Some pages from the latest stand alone tale, issue #2, as the investigative team finds something worse than smart vampires in the Picken County backwood hills.

Question: what do you get when you mix Lovercraftian mushrooms spores and let them grow in the fertile and never dying flesh of a vampire?

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Whuzzat? Not enough !@#$ hitting the fan in your morning coffee? Haven't spit out enough of your afternoon lunch yet? In that case, I bring you the penultimate issue of the War of Frogs saga. Spoilers behind the cut for #4.

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With the amazing revelations in #3, the sh!t keeps hitting the fan over at DarkHorse comics. And Newsarama doesn't want to feel left out, either. Images galore behind the cut. Spoilers of major proportions behind the cut.

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Most of you are old enough to remember LORT: RoTK movie when the Riders of Theoden amassed over the Pelennor Fields and beheld the might of the dark lands unleashed upon Minas Tirith. I remember the whole theater taking in one gigantic breathe at the same time and we felt the same way Merry Brandybuck felt at the sight. One member of the BPRD is about to have a similar moment.

Darkhorse has the preview of King of Fear #3, as story arcs years in the making begins to reach their climax.

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