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How better to end the Year, and our "Stories that make you go Awwww!"" than this

And no, I don't mean this, because that's a rather specialised and personal form of "Awwww!"

So instead I offer this, which "Yes", IS another BTAS story, and from the same issue as the Mr Freeze story.... but I make NO apologies for that. (It's also a three page story, which leaves me ONE page to tell the story, so bear with me)

It's also appropriate (for me) that it has as it's title an old Scottish folk song associated with this night of all nights.

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot.... )
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BTAS - When "noir" became "pitch black"

Batman Adventures Annual #1 features five short stories by Paul Dini, about various Batman villains trying to go straight and how and why they fail (mostly)

One of the beauties of Batman: The Animated Series, was that it could handle the light and it could handle the dark.

Now the series, in the early years, was limited by what was permitted to be shown in cartoons at the time (Which is why, for example, the Joker never killed anyone in the early episodes). The comics, however were not. They didn't go to the "grim" often, which made the times it did all the more powerful.

Please be warned, this post contains material that may be triggering for rape or sexual assault.

Even supervillains have standards )
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One Perfect Moment - The Riddler ponders his future...

Okay, I was wrong THIS will be my last post for One Perfect Moment week.

Following on from recent discussions about the Riddler and how hard he is to write well, a rather appropriate couple of pages from Batman Adventures #10, as an inmate is released from Gotham State Penitentiary...

We should all have henchmen then loyal... )

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One Perfect Moment - BTAS Robin and Batgirl

As with many things, the BTAS comics did much more interesting things with the Batgirl/Robin dynamic than the main DCU had done in years...

Case in point )
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Mark Hamill to retire as the Joker

Sad news.

Mark Hamill said that after Arkham Asylum 2 he is retiring from the role as the Joker.

Mark Hamill  played the Joker longer than anyone else. He was the clown prince of crime for over 15 years and is to many people THE Joker.
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The Iceman Goeth.

Someone requested the DCAU comic where Batman met Joe Chill. This is one of those issues that's difficult to cut down to 7 pages, because no matter how hard you try, you inevitably lose a couple pages that have a LOT of impact. Still, even the cut version's worth a read.

It's your dream again. Your own personal nightmare that's been with you for decades. )

7 pages out of 21, from Batman Adventures 17.

Tags (if we're still in lockdown): char:joe chill, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: ty templeton, creator: rick burchett, title: batman adventures, setting: dcau
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Two-Face Tuesday: "Choices" from BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES #44

So I've come to believe that the DCAU Batman comics--all four series--are collectively the finest Batman comics of the past twenty years. I might even go so far as to extend that to all superhero comics in general.

No, they're hardly revolutionary storylines, nothing that exactly seems boldly new and innovative. But their excellence lies in something far more subtle. The DCAU, at its best, understands that the heart of superheroes is rooted firmly in character, not in contrived gimmicks and twists, nor grandly conceptual plot lines. When these stories get it right, the characters seem both human and iconic. And they do it not by trying to reinvent the wheel or make some shocking revelation, but in much smaller, more powerful ways.

Case in point:

'Choices,' from BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES #44 )

TL;DR The DCAU Batman comics are awesome and deserve more attention/love. I'd pay good money to own them in trade paperback, and would pimp them heartily to all fans of superhero comics.

Batman is a fanboy.

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The Truth About Poison Ivy

A bit of Harley/Ivy discussion brought this issue of The Batman Adventures to my attention; it addresses the design change Ivy underwent in Batman TAS, and while it's a really interesting explanation, it's also horribly depressing (to me). In addition, it features Alec Holland, the man who would become Swamp Thing.

A bit of set-up: in the previous chapter Batgirl sprayed Ivy with weedkiller, leaving her weak and injured.

DCAU - Why were you always so good to us?

Batman Adventures #12 remains one of my all time favourite comics... well, EVER! It moves Nightwing along in the DCAU to the point where he's in Bludhaven... but this isn't the Dixon-angst ridden Nightwing we got in the comics... this is so much more in keeping with Dick Grayson's personality it's untrue. (It's also VASTLY more fun). Ty Templeton writes and Rick Burchett draws