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What would you do if you had one more moment...?

I promised to post this emotional scene from the end of the Batman Beyond 2.0 storyline with the Justice Lords back in issue 24. Justice Lord Superman has been defeated and Terry is ready to go back to his timeline, but the Terry Mcginnis of the Justice Lord timeline (who for SOME weird reason is a blond) has one last thing to tell him.

Four pages after the cut

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Batman Beyond 13: Harley without the Joker

This MAY not be "Best of villains" material, and it been over a month since Harl's... less than enjoyable birthday story....but I thought it was worth showing what has everyone's crazy clown lady's life in the future without her precious puddin'...

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Dammit Beechen.

So CBR has a preview for Issue #5 of Batman Beyond. And it doesn't sit well with me.

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