Batman #24 - "Every Epilogue Is a Prelude"

Everyone’s done vengeance, everyone’s done "The night is so dark." Giving Batman more pain doesn’t reveal anything about his character because he’s taken as much pain as he can. But giving him love and joy, that combines with the tragedy of his past into something new... -- Tom King

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Batman #23 - "The Brave and the Mold"

I loved that run on Swamp Thing and what [Alan Moore] did with that character. And there was a beautiful Batman crossover that was all about the power of Swamp Thing next to the power of Batman. I wanted to have something in communication with that and sort of pay tribute to it. -- Tom King

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Batman #21 - "The Button, Part One"

King has obviously had an amazing year, and I can't help but think his use of the nine-panel grid and formalist work is exactly what Moore would have been hoping for post-Watchmen rather than people just making everything violent. He's so good he scares me a little. -- Kieron Gillen

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Batman #20 - "I Am Bane, Part Five"

'Wanted to write this page since I was 9. Hope it inspires a picked-on kid, as the comics of my nerdy youth inspired me. "I'm still here."' -- Tom King

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Batman #19 - "I Am Bane, Part Four"

"Mikel [Janin] drew him naked for the scene. I think it's a sort of inside joke with Grayson because he always drew Grayson with his shirt off. I looked at it and it came out of my mouth: 'Should we put clothes on him now?' There was something about it I like. He was so confident in his prison. He knew exactly who he was and he didn't give a f***.

"He had no care in the world. But it was just a sign of his power over all those people. Like, dude, I am the perfect god here and gods don't wear clothes. You know? To me, it was a symbol of that, a symbol of his willpower.

"I think what you're seeing in 'I Am Bane,' the arc that's coming up is he puts the clothes back on, he's got the Venom going back on, and those, to Bane, are signs of weakness, in that when he takes the Venom and leaves Santa Prisca, in my head that's a sort of sign he's giving into his worst impulses in a weak sort of way. His moment of strength was when he was comfortable with himself and not wearing any clothes."
-- Tom King

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Batman #18 - "I Am Bane, Part Three"

'It was Andy Khouri, my editor on “Omega Men,” who asked if I knew his origin. I was like, “Yeah, he was raised in a prison.” And he was like, “No. Do you know his origin?” And I said, no, I guess I don’t remember. And he told me that not only was Bane raised in a prison, but he was stuck in a cell for 17 years that flooded every night. And he had to tread water while eating fish that were biting at him and leeches that were sucking off of him and then the water would go down. He’d almost die every night. It reminded me of Conan pushing the lever around. The will to have gone through something like that is the only thing that could challenge Batman. And then I became obsessed with him.' -- Tom King

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Batman #17 - "I Am Bane, Part Two"

"1. Cassandra 2. Dick 3. Bruce 4. Damian 5. Kate 6. Helena 7. Jason 8. Duke 9. Stephanie 10. Tim" -- Tom King, ranking fighters

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Batman: Nosferatu

This is an Elseworlds storyline that combines Batman with the films Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. It's a sequel to a comic called 'Superman: Metropolis' which combined Superman with (not surprisingly) Metropolis; I'm a fan of Bats, Nosferatu and Caligari, less so Supes and Metropolis so I'm just going to share this one.

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[personal profile] thanekos2017-02-17 08:37 pm

Batman #17 this week continued the assertions of Bane.

They came with the same matter-of-fact effectiveness as the one he'd made at the end of #16.

They were well-aimed blows at Batman, struck with the precision befitting their striker.

They were elegant ones to see- the ease of their effect was the only thing a bit jarring about them.

One of them was a particularly neat illustration of that.

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Batman #16 - "I Am Bane, Part One"

"The thing with Bane is that he can defeat Batman. Unlike the Joker, unlike the Riddler, unlike Mr. Freeze, the evidence is that Bane has defeated Batman. I remember as a kid reading Bane breaking Batman’s back and throwing him off the building. I remember how shocking that was, and how everyone in my school talked about it. That was the one thing that owned the comic book conversation that year." -- Tom King

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Batman #15 - "Rooftops, Part 2 of 2"

'Continuity, I think a lot of people scoff at it. "Oh that's so stupid. Story is more important than continuity." To me, continuity is the heart of comic books. That's what makes it real. If you're not telling a story that stands on the shoulders of the giants before you, it's not real. You're just writing into the air.' -- Tom King

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Batman #14 - "Rooftops, Part 1 of 2"

"She knows that Bruce Wayne is a mask. She knows being this playboy character is a façade. Batman is The Bat, and he knows that Selina Kyle is a mask — the Cat is who she is. And they’re not ashamed of that. They’re not the people that they were born to be. They’re the people that they chose to be. They’re the only two people that see each other as they truly are. That’s the core of their romance. Your soulmate is the person that sees everything that everyone judges you on and loves you still." -- Tom King

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