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"And I’ve just always wanted Buffy to say some things. I’ve been talking with Scott [Allie, Editor-in-Chief of Dark Horse Comics] about it for a couple years and it just kind of came to fruition and it’s been a rousing success." - Nicholas Brendon

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"We loved Christos [Gage]'s work on 'Angel & Faith,' both him and Rebekah [Isaacs], and we were torn about what to do with them next. We had a great book with 'Angel & Faith,' and it would be foolish to screw with it. I asked Chris what he wanted to do in 'Season 10' -- which book he wanted to write. I was having a similar conversation with Rebekah, and they both said they would do whatever I wanted them on, but all they cared about was that they get to stick together, and stick with Dan Jackson, their colorist." - Dark Horse editor Scott Allie

Season 10 begins. And the creative team from last season's Angel & Faith, Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs, takes over the Buffy reins.

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Not long ago, a new issue of Buffy put the spotlight on a new kind of "slayer" - a boy. Generically called Billy the Vampire Slayer, here is part one of the two issue story.
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Remember back when it was originally announced that a Buffy reboot was green-lit without any involvement from franchise creator, Joss Whedon? Then do you remember the part about hell breaking loose, not just from fans but even Buffy cast themselves?

Well peeps, I think our wishes have all been answered.

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Man, even if you didn't pay attention to the credits, you can easily tell Whedon's back at the series's writing desk just from the dialogue.

Here's four pages from this month's Buffy #37...

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