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"It’s a recipe for conflict, and what we end up with is a conflict between two different types of British comics: dystopian dark satire and bright, sunny whimsy." -- Al Ewing

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when going to battle the hordes of Faerie

Oddly enough considering my learned friend angelophile's post below, the same plotline was on my mind, but I prefer a single moment, rather than a crowning moment of awesome.

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My contribution for Crowning Moment of Awesome Week comes from Wisdom #1, by Paul Cornell and Trevor Hairsine.

In which MI:13, including Pete Wisdom, John of the Beatles Skrull Invasion, Captain Midlands, Maureen Raven and Oberon's daughter Tinkabelinos Hardleg, adhere to the Michael Bay definition of awesome and invade Albion with helicopter gunships and rail guns.

Wisdom 1

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More of John the Skrull! Now, I didn't do all his on-panel appearances, just some of my other favorite bits.

Scans from Wisdom #1, 4, and 6, and Captain Britain and MI:13 #1 and 3.

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Well, the Captain Britain and MI:13 bit that ran as part of Secret Invasion is proving pretty damn popular for One Perfect Moments, and here I come with another one. Spoilery as hell, from issue #4

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Captain Britain and MI13 will be ending its run in July; sad, but, given the sales, not unexpected.

Since I've recently been in a reposting mood, here are a couple of my favourite scenes from over the series that got lost when the original scans_daily went down.

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Paul Cornell's posted some preview art from the Captain Britain and MI-13 annual over on Livejournal, by Adrian Alphona and Christina Strain which I just had to share here, since I know Adrian has a following. And, frankly, because it's bloody gorgeous.


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