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These days the words "Comic Book Event" tend to fill me with dread, and not in the good way.

IMHO it translates as somwehere between "Desperate Marketing Ploy" and "We hope you believe that this one WILL have lasting consequences" with subtle tones of "We're also dragging in other titles to derail them completely for marginal returns, so tough luck if you're a fan of secondary titles".

Now they're not ALL bad, many have at least one good tie in, and "Necrosha" did bring Cypher back, but personally I haven't followed an "Event" with anything better than cautious distrust for about 20 years.

So picking one as my spotlight was a little tricky, and my mind kept going back to the beginning, and in some ways, the one that started it all...

World's will live... World's will die.. )
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jelly_ace asked for a reprise of Package Week. I had been thinking about that ever since we saw those peen-tastic Cry For Justice pages the other week, and offered to repost my original Package Week entry, since I've still got it all in my photobucket - and it turns out, the text in my inbox full of old replies. :D

Direct from November 2008, my Package Week entry! )


char: brainiac 5/querl dox; char: colossal boy/gim allon (new tag), char: cosmic boy/rokk krinn, char: element lad/alchemist/jan arrah, char: lightning lad/livewire/garth ranzz, char: saturn girl/imra ardeen, creator: ernie colon, creator: george perez, creator: keith giffen, creator: jim sherman, creator: larry mahlstedt, group: legion of super-heroes, publisher: dc comics, series: package week (lost to the TOS), title: cosmic boy (no tag yet for his miniseries), title: crisis on infinite earths, title: legion of super-heroes, title: superboy and the legion of superh (or some better version of this, which only has 1 entry)
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Intermission: Hangin' With Beetle (pt 1)
with special bonus: Vic Walks In Two Worlds

In 1981, after thirteen years of surviving on licensed comics, Charlton was falling apart. A new volume of Charlton Bullseye was launched to feature new talent and hopefully strike gold, and the first issue went to writer Benjamin Smith and artist Dan Reed, who decided the thing Charlton needed was something it already had.

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First, great idea for a theme!

So you have amazing powers that can move planets and take over the world,but when the end finally comes and you face oblivion ? Maybe you think you should have used your powers for something else...

From Crisis on Infinite Earths 1

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