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In this week's All-New All-Different Marvel Point One, we get a short teaser story from the Daredevil's upcoming creative team. Two and two-third pages out of eight below.

"I had never worked with Ron before this series, but I love his pages. I feel like he’s doing exactly what I would have asked for—the look is classic, but it has a real punch to it. It’s super hero storytelling with an incredible noir-y attitude to it." - Charles Soule

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It was posthumously done, by his great-great-grandson.

It was narrated by that " playboy industrialist " of the same name and heard by the Watcher-stand-in of 2005's series of What If stories, a talented hacker who'd set up his computer to make multiversal TCP/IP connections.

(Presumably, he's either interning for AIM or been interned by ARMOR since.)

The latter'd found the former's work by looking to see if Daredevil was on Earth-717 as he was on 616.

He found that the Devil of Hell's Kitchen apparently wasn't- instead, the Devil Who Dares had definitely been.

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"I have never had a better creative experience in comics than with Daredevil, and I hope it showed. I never dreamed I'd ever get this far into Matt Murdock's head, and now it's going to be a hell of a task to get back out of it." -- Mark Waid

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'It's a tightrope that's tougher to walk than it might first appear. It would be so easy to turn this into such a straight up super-hero book that it may as well be Spider-Man. But, again, if that's the approach, then why not just write Spider-Man? Likewise, it would be equally easy to do nothing but street level crime stuff, but again, I'm not as good a crime writer as Bendis. I'm not as good a crime writer as Brubaker. Why go that route? From my point of view, this seems like the first time in 15 years that somebody has given me the keys to the car and said "do what you wanna do", and I have, and it's succeeded. Generally, I do what I think is best to reinvent a franchise and write for the non-hardcore audience, and the nerd rage is off the charts.' -- Mark Waid

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"I'm privileged to hold the record for most consecutive issues of DD from anyone ever, writer or artist. An honor." -- Mark Waid

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D.G. Chicester's DAREDEVIL run had some great stuff like LAST RITES. But he also had things like FALL FROM GRACE and TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. It was part of the "Matt fakes his death and uses the alias Jack Batlin" era fans like to ignore, even though that led to Foggy finding out The Secret. KNOWLEDGE also had characters getting very paranoid about the internet. The Scott McDaniel art is good, though.

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"Thanks to our Daredevil readers for the kind words about today's new issue. I told you not all was as it seemed. Did you see THAT coming?" -- Mark Waid

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DAREDEVIL #353 is not when Foggy Nelson learned Matt Murdock was Daredevil, but it was the first time they discussed it. This was also the start of Karl Kesel's run on the book, and one of the times Marvel tried a "Daredevil lightens up a bit" post-Miller storyline.

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I didn't post this during this during my initial 'Bendis' Daredevil' series but I figured I would now. It's his first Daredevil story that he did and it was a stand-alone arc that took place before his main run began (there was another writer's arc in between the two). It's considerably different in style and tone than the rest of his work.

As a warning, this story deals with child abuse.

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