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Let's return to Daredevil #105 from December 1953.

If you weren't here the last time I posted from this comic book, this is the Lev Gleason Daredevil comic--from which the title character had long departed. The stars were instead the Little Wise Guys, who'd been Daredevil's sidekicks back in the day. Originally the stories involving them were pretty gritty (one of the gang even died!) but this is towards the end of the run when the Comics Code had come in.

This story is in the public domain, so you can enjoy it in its entirety, along with a vintage ad!

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Its first part'd ended with that mutated man taking a direct hit from a rocket launcher.

He'd fallen into the ocean bordering Connecticut, smoke roiling off his body.

That, by any understanding, should have been the end of him.

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This isn't the best scene between Matt Murdock and Karen Page, but it is an interesting one. Matt finds Karen after a long absence, which involved Typhoid Mary.

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Ann Nocenti: I remember after a Captain America story we got a letter that said, "Get the commie off the book." We had a big laugh about that one. Luckily, I had an enlightened editor, Ralph Macchio, so while we had lots of fun conversation about the issues, and he often disagreed with my politics, he let me do what I wanted. He was an extremely supportive and intelligent editor.

DAREDEVIL #283 is an Ann Nocenti story that features artwork by Marc Bagley. It has "The Cold War is winding down, now what?" themes and guest stars Captain America.

Nocenti gets 1990 political )
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"I think there are two ways to write Punisher -- one is a story where you're in his head a bit, and he's a POV character, whether you're literally getting internal narration captions from him or not. The other way is from the POV of anyone else in the Marvel Universe, during which he comes across as just this dark, dangerous force of nature [...] This story is the second kind, and maybe it says something about me, but I love writing that Frank. He's a legend, almost a monster in the horror movie sense, and that's a lot of fun." - Charles Soule

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"We’ll interact with heroes and villains new and old, and we’ll see members of Matt Murdock’s supporting cast from prior runs (people like Foggy Nelson, Kirsten McDuffie and more.) I’m working on a big Elektra story right now. The way Matt is with them won’t necessarily be the way you’re used to – but I don’t believe my job on Daredevil, or any book, is to give you what you’re used to. It’s to do my job." - Charles Soule

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"I didn’t (and never) want to just ape someone else’s approach. What’s the point of that? I’d rather go down in flames for doing something I believed in, that was mine, than coast along by relying on the goodwill generated by another writer’s take. I LOVE Waid’s Daredevil. I’ve read that first issue over and over again – it’s perfect. But there’s more than one kind of DD – that’s part of the beauty of the character. So, I knew almost from the start that I would go a bit darker, a bit weirder." - Charles Soule

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"Charles’ ideas feel very fresh to me and we seem to be in the same space as far as how we see Daredevil. In my first conversation with him he stressed that he wanted this to go darker and not quite so lighthearted as it had been, with all due respect to the book’s predecessors. I agreed 100 percent." - Ron Garney

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"I feel — and feel strongly — that it is impossible for a practicing attorney to be a known vigilante. It’s impossible. I mean, he’s been disbarred many times! But he’d never get it back. He would not be allowed to practice law. I don’t care. It goes against the way the law is set up — it is just not supposed to be that way. But I also thought — you know, for me writing a Daredevil series — if he wasn’t going to be a lawyer, then… that’d be dumb. I am a lawyer. People want to see how I’m going to use that skill set in writing this book. That’s part of the appeal. So I needed a way to put it in so: secret identity is back." - Charles Soule

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