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"He’s a serial killer who’s also an artist — he feels others’ death is a small price to pay in the pursuit of great works of creation. In a way, that’s similar to Daredevil, who believes that whatever cost he personally pays in the pursuit of justice is worth it." - Charles Soule

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"Liked the idea of someone with an extremely pure motivation (creation of art) who refuses to let conventional morality get in his way." - Charles Soule

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"He’s my attempt to create a really new, frightening adversary for Daredevil, with themes that reflect what DD does." - Charles Soule

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Let's return to Daredevil #105 from December 1953.

If you weren't here the last time I posted from this comic book, this is the Lev Gleason Daredevil comic--from which the title character had long departed. The stars were instead the Little Wise Guys, who'd been Daredevil's sidekicks back in the day. Originally the stories involving them were pretty gritty (one of the gang even died!) but this is towards the end of the run when the Comics Code had come in.

This story is in the public domain, so you can enjoy it in its entirety, along with a vintage ad!

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Its first part'd ended with that mutated man taking a direct hit from a rocket launcher.

He'd fallen into the ocean bordering Connecticut, smoke roiling off his body.

That, by any understanding, should have been the end of him.

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