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"It’s a recipe for conflict, and what we end up with is a conflict between two different types of British comics: dystopian dark satire and bright, sunny whimsy." -- Al Ewing

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I'm perhaps a little surprised that this title hasn't had more coverage here, I'm not saying a female team should HAVE to be featured but I thought it might have been, especially as it's quite enjoyable (Well, IMHO)

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You know how much I love Misty Knight, right? Well a lot.

But that's not what I want to talk about in this first issue of Fearless Defenders.

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In the previous issue, we were introduced to the new Red Guardian, Arthur Nagan was an asshole, Chondu got a makeover, and Valkyrie got arrested.

So now it's time for the final chapter of the Nighthawk's Brain saga, The Defenders #36.

Five pages of seventeen, and an ad.

A Garden of Earthly Demise )

Your thoughts and comments, especially as this is the end of the post series?

Next time--something that isn't Seventies Marvel.
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In the previous issue, Nebulon unveiled his plan to help humanity through Celestial Mind Control, which manages to be even skeevier than it sounds. Valkyrie voiced her objections to strip-searching, and Chondu demonstrated that being in the body of a fawn doesn;t make him harmless.

So, five pages from seventeen of "The Defenders" #35, plus a Hostess ad.

Arthur Nagan is an asshole. )

Next time: The conclusion of the Nighthawk's Brain plotline.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Last issue, we learned that Jack Norriss' mind is in Chondu's brain, which is in Kyle Richmond's body. Chondu's mind is in Bambi's brain and body. Kyle Richmond's mind is in his own brain, which is in a shallow dish. The other Defender's minds are in their own brains and bodies, but may not be right any more. The Headmen's HQ is in ruins, and Nebulon is back in town.

Which brings us up to The Defenders #34, five pages of seventeen (nrrgh) and dessert.

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Next time:. Chondu gets a makeover!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi again!

Last issue, the Defenders learned whose brain was residing in Nighthawk's skull. Nighthawk recapped his origin, and the Defenders were knocked out by Ruby Tuesday.

Now, let's look at six pages of eighteen (and dessert) from "The Defenders" #33.

Bambi returns! )

Next time: Nebulon's plan to save the world!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hello again!

In the previous issue of The Defenders, we saw Kyle (Nighthawk) Richmond be captured by the Headmen, who transplanted the brain of Chondu the Mystic into his skull. Chondu infiltrated the Defenders, but tipped his hand too early, allowing him to be captured by our heroes.

Now, issue #32. Six pages of eighteen, plus dessert (and I mean that a bit more literally this time.)

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Next time--The return of Bambi!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi, folks!

Given recent Spider-Man events (if you haven't already heard, you may want to come back later) I decided you folks might like to see how this sort of plotline has been handled by Marvel in the past.

In specific, the "Nighthawk's Brain" arc in "The Defenders" starting in #67.

Six pages of eighteen, plus a dessert.

Subplots! Lots of subplots! )

Next time, more mind boggling madness!

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Your thoughts and comments?
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[personal profile] icon_uk already posted about the strange origin of this one. As I understand it, most FROM THE MARVEL VAULT comics are stories that for one reason or another were shelved and never printed, lost stories from Marvel's archives finally seeing the light of day. In the case of this DEFENDERS issue though, it was written so long ago that, while they still have the artwork, nobody had a copy of the original plot anymore, nor did anyone remember what it was supposed to be. Apparently, even flipping through the art didn't jog any of the original creative team's memories. So Kurt Busiek (who didn't write the original plot) basically has to come up with a new story tailored to the already completed artwork.

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Found this news over on

This is the blurb to go with it

A Marvel Masterpiece from deep inside the treasure vaults can now be told! The original team of Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Silver Surfer and Namor are together again for a hidden adventure! But why was this tale lost? What happens in other dimensions stays in other dimensions, so what unspeakable secrets of the The Defenders are to be revealed? Find out at last in these pages with the illustrious words of Kurt Busiek (THE DEFENDERS, MARVELS) and the incomparable artwork of artist Mark Bagley (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN)!

And this is the story behind it...  )
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[personal profile] mistaeff requested scans of '70s Defenders, especially Hellcat, Nighthawk and Valkyrie, as he suspected there might be some bow-chicka-wow-wow vibes going on there. Digging through my collection, I found a few issues from around the time Hellcat first joined, and, guys be the judge?

A few bits from the Scorpio saga, which - don't even ask. )
And on to the big showdown, which spills over into the next two issues. A little less than 3 pages of a 17-page story here, for them that keep track of such stuff.

Tags ahoy! char: hellcat/patsy walker, char: nick fury, char: nighthawk/kyle richmond, char: scorpio/jacob fury (new tag), char: valkyrie/brunnhilde, creator: dan green (new tag), creator: david kraft (new tag), creator: keith giffen, group: defenders, publisher: marvel comics, title: defenders


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