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Anybody who is anybody will be following the announcements for new books coming out at Image soon. Books like Top Cow's Think Tank, a four issue miniseries about a scientific researcher, a third Phonogram series, Tony Harris drawing a 1930's Noir, Gangster, horror story!!, 2 books from Jonathan Hickman, another Jonathan Ross pwoject (this time with Bryan Hitch), the bizarrely controversial BKV return to comics, Saga, and Mara by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle.

The concept of Mara is as follows
The world of MARA is a war-and-fitness obsessed future, where the angst and insecurity of average citizens is compensated with an extreme focus on sports and battle. Mara Prince is a superbly gifted athlete, playing in a women's volleyball league, and is as famous as you can imagine, with endless endorsements, comped everything, and millions of screaming teenage fans. Until one day, during a highly visible match, she starts to manifest superpowers. For a culture that prizes physical achievement, conformity, and fair-minded sportsmanship, this puts Mara's entire world at risk.

On Saturday night, I tweeted Mara by Brian Wood is really interesting until it gets to the word "superhero" I'll still take a look at it when it comes out
Then I got a response from Brian Wood
have you read Demo?
I read the first one, I think, where the girl is having a panic attack in the car. I really enjoyed NY4-5 and Local
Mara is about superpowers like Demo is about superpowers.

So, off I went to get a look at Demo, which seems to be a series of one-shot stories. Comixology only has v.2 on it, and I picked up v2#3, which goes like this )


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