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From the comments on recent posts about Chris Hastings' run on Deadpool, I suspect there are quite a few Dr. McNinja fans here at s_d. I haven't seen many Dr. McNinja posts, though, so I thought I'd help rectify that!

Dr. McNinja got picked up by Dark Horse recently, so now's as good a time as any to highlight the series' many joys. But rather than go blow by blow through the "best of" moments, I figured I'd give some love to my favorite character, Dark Smoke Puncher.

Sean McNinja, aka Dark Smoke Puncher, aka DSP )

So yeah. In a cast of outlandish and colorful characters, all of whom I find likable, DSP still manages to stand out and remain the clear favorite. Dr. McNinja is a must-read for me even without him, but his presence certainly doesn't hurt matters XD.


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