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Right about now, I'm at exactly the right age to start pursuing all the Classics in comic-book history in hopes that I'll become better at winning arguments with other comic book nerds on the Internet. And when it comes to the Classics, there's only one name for someone as myopic as me: Alan Moore.

Sure, Moore's star has faded for many fans today, but his mastery over dialogue, pacing, and plotting alike still leaves roughly 80% of comic-book creators today in the dust, and I've never read more than a fraction of his work. No time like the present to fix that.

And since I'm an obsessive little bastard, I insist on poring over (almost) every little bit of Mr. Moore's extensive bibliography, starting from the very beginning. I'd originally planned on doing this series in strict chronological order, but I quickly realized that that wouldn't quite work, so I'm doing it by franchise instead - though still in rough chronological order. And because all reading and no discussion makes Lego go crazy, I invite all of you well-read S_D'ers to come read along with me.

We'll be beginning with his five backup strips for Doctor Who, a series that I know and cherish well, as is mandatory of every geek on the Internet. Seriously, it's about a space cop who goes flying around in a phone booth fighting the Borg, right? Right?

Behind the cut: my first real contact with Doctor Who. Thanks, Alan! )
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"I realised a few months ago that I had one last Who tale left to tell, and this is it, my farewell to the 11th Doctor..." -- Paul Cornell

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show, IDW put out a special one-shot, written by Paul Cornell and drawn by Jimmy Broxton.

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Just last month, IDW launched a new volume of their Doctor Who ongoing. And this time, right out of the gate, they've established an intriguing long term mystery for the series.

Doctor Who, volume 3, #1-2 )
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Artist Shawn Van Briesen and writer Paul Hanley have been working on a Doctor Who fan comic; Sarah Jane Smith: Final Report on Deviant art for a while. It's their tribute to the late Elisabeth Sladen, and have come up with a very interesting tale of how Sarah has affected the world.

Some people Sarah Jane has run into... )
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In honour of DiD week, I present to you the comic strip in Issue 272 of Doctor Who Magazine which, in 1998, was published around the thirty-fifth anniversary of the show, and well before it looked like anyone was going to be bringing it back. And it involves eight incarnations of the Doctor tied to... well, you'll see.

Just over 2.5 scans from an eight-page story, which unless my maths fails me, I think is okay for the page limit requirements (mods, please don't hesitate to correct me otherwise). I've also tried to trim down what were some fairly large file sizes into something a bit more manageable, but apologies in advance to any dial-up users.

You're not wrong there, Eighth Doctor... )
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Good evening ladies and gents! In just two weeks, we get our second Doctor Who Christmas Special with yet another classic reference in its title. I hereby present you with both the Children in Need special and the trailer for said Christmas episode!

Don't worry. It's nothing controversial this time...or at least it shouldn't be. Unless you count the Doctor being **spoilers** stripped naked by a remote-control controversial. But other than that it should be rated 'E' for 'Everyone.' :)

Anyway...roll tape! :) )
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I am fully prepared to have all of you hate me for this... i can live with it :D


MASSIVE SPOILERS for the ENTIRE Season 6 of Doctor Who including The Wedding of River Song....

AGAIN i CANNOT stress enough... MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead.

So In the words of the wonderful River Song... SPOILers!

So In the words of the wonderful River Song... SPOILers! )

and For Legality, 3/4 of a page from StormWatch #2

and For Legality, 3/4 of a page from StormWatch #2  )
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I ran across this Doctor Who fan comic The Search for the Truth. It's one of those "webcomics about your friends" things, with an extra layer of marysue-ness, but the humor does shine through.

The basic setup is that Claire (who is based off a friend of the artist) is the companion of the 10th Doctor and goes off having adventuress. Though a lot of that involves not telling her friend David the truth about the Doctor, since he's tinfoil hat crazy. Lately it's gotten a lot more Doctor focused, but still fun. I recommend checking it out.
I wouldn't have taken him for a Police Fan )


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