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Two things:

Firstly, people actually requested more Extreme Justice, so I'm sharing the two scenes in which bystanders read a team-member as Blue Beetle's boyfriend. The surprising part is that neither of these teammates is Booster Gold.

I'm so worn out from all that cowboy stuff, I feel I could use a whole new body! )

Secondly, a request: Can anyone recommend me any serious/scholarly books, journals, etc. that discuss the phenomenon of "event" comics? I saw that the Sequential Art Journal is bringing out Classics on Infinite Earth: The Justice League and DC Crossover Continuity, and I'm looking for titles like that: stuff discussing the genesis of events comics, and how we got from The Great Darkness Saga through CoIE and developments like 52 to *fifteen* distinct mini tie-ins with Flashpoint. (I know my DC bias is showing here; I'm equally interested in Marvel-focused material for this.)

If I get a good response on this I promise to stop posting Extreme Justice :)
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I just read this very interesting piece on Matt Seneca's blog, Death To The Universe. It's titled "Monday panel 39", but he should've used one of his own pull quotes and called it "Everything rioting all at once". The article is, and I want you to hear me out on this, a defence of Rob Liefeld. Seneca argues that, whatever you might think of Liefeld, you have to credit the bonkers genius of a vision so weird, so relentless, so complete in its reinvention of comics art that it's almost transcendent. Though the argument's not getting a ton of support in the comments, it's made me rethink Liefeld -- and my great pleasure in life is to shout "LIIIIIEEFEEEEELD" whenever something goes wrong, from burning toast to the Irish economy, so this is saying something.

More than that, he's made me reconsider the book I've just finished reading, <i>Extreme Justice</i>. )


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