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In the final issue of Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four before it switched over to FF, the Thing is mourning the loss of a teammate. How does one of the world's strongest superheroes work out his anger?

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"At the end of the day, nobody that likes the Fantastic Four will have a bad taste in their mouth. That's all I can say. I'm not going to let anybody down, I'm not going to leave this book on a bad note." - James Robinson

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"One of the things we have to make sure of is that while Reed being the icy thinker that ignores his family has been done to death, so have events causing Sue and Reed to doubt their love for each other. That’s quite an old story trope." -- James Robinson

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"Sometimes when a new writer comes onto a book, they pretend nothing happened on the book before they came to it. That definitely won't be the case here. For me, the comics medium is about building on the lore of the creators who came before us and what they put into those characters. So while Leonard and my run will be a new direction, there will be points that hinge around events that occurred in Hickman’s run, Matt Fraction’s run, and even reference and touch on earlier runs and adventures in ways that might surprise you." -- James Robinson

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"I think I have a bit of a reputation for taking obscure or under-utilized characters and fleshing them out. I intend to really flesh out Hammond [the original Torch] and turn him into a truly compelling character." -- James Robinson

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"In this saga that Leonard [Kirk] and I are telling, everything is there for a reason. Even the red costumes. All will be revealed." -- James Robinson

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"It’s one of the things I’m proud of with Starman and I’m trying to do it here, where the O’Dares, Jack Knight, the Shade, everyone had their moment of emotional payoff. So, I’ve already got Bentley-23’s all worked out. I have a Christmas story worked out with Onome that will be both heartwarming and a nice payoff for her character. Wyatt Wingfoot, Scott Lang, Darla Deering, Dragon Man — I have moments for all of these characters." -- James Robinson

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In any incarnation of the Fantastic Four, under any writer, there will always be adventures. Always be exploring. Always some variant tale of Doom, the Negative Zone, Subterranea, Galactus, or the Skrulls.

And there will always be the underlying theme of family. After the great character cast expansions we've seen under Kirkman and Fraction, I was a little nervous about the latest reboot. What would happen to the Richards kids? To the rest of the Future Foundation? To Bentley, the Moloids, and Dragon Man?

Mister Robinson, to you I say... you had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

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