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Among the many characters that were part of the TV show that I miss so terribly, none still pull on my heart like a certain lady of grace and power.

Boom-Studios has released their solicits for August 2011, and this one just gives me goose pimples at the possibilities (though it dares cross that fine line which can lead to retcon hell).

I just mention one name and most of the faithful will have their heart skip a beat and have a rush of goosepimples.

Soft? Yes. Weak? No. )
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Issue number #23 came out this week. Not the most exciting, as chess pieces on the board kept moving, and lines in the sand were drawn as the Resistance made of surviving battle fleets began marshalling their strength to fight the invading Kkore.

Most of the stuff is pretty predictable, and I would not spend $$ on this issue, but rather on the upcoming issues, except that the Sebeacans have actually begun to take pages from John Crichton's play book.

When you run out of ammunition. )
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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

An oldie but a goodie as normally mortal adversaries unite against a common enemy.
Per last issue, a first strike has been made and an escape is under way.

The rest is just character interaction, and a candidate for "one perfect moment".

Able to leap tall buildings...  )
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[personal profile] sherkahn has the preview of Farscape #16.

There comes .... a gathering.
3 behind the cut.
The Council of Elron, er, I mean Aeryn. )
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The Kkore Invasion of the Uncharted Territories continues. As the rest of the galactic ruling powers have been brought down and decimated, the reformed Peacekeepers under Aeryn Sun's command meet the Kkore and Grennij forces.

They do not do so well.

What price survival. )
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So, where we last left off, things looked VERY bad for Commandant Aeryn Sun, the newly promoted leader of the Peacekeeper force of the Uncharted Territories. The forces she was just barely able to defeat turned out to be the Grennij shock troops, not part of the entire Grennij armada, who are backed by the formidable Kkore armada. And as there are threats from without, there are threats from within, as former Commandant Grayza attempts a mutiny now that the Peacekeepers have come together as a formidable force.

Which means of course it's time for some Crichton seat-of-the-pants rescue. Spend the money and buy the issue or wait for the trade.

But my contribution to the exploration of this tale is not the Farscape heroes pulling miracles out of their ass, but of course the villains. Yummy, delicious villains.

A 'dear jane' letter could have worked out better. )
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The main bad-guy behind the series is out of moves to play. Scorpius been regulated to a general, and cannot form any leverage against the Kkore, who are truly formidable in mind, body, spirits and unity. The deep-space alien Kkore have technology that cannot be matched, willing and powerful cannon fodder, detailed analysis and research on every vector of warcraft planning against their foes, and fleet numbers in the possible millions.

All seems lost. And yet...

Three behind the cut.

The X Factor )
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I can't believe it's been 8 years since the show ended, and finally the comic franchises from Boom! Studios feel like the series again.

CosmicBookNews has the previews, as the storylines converge with the War for the Uncharted Territories. Over onFarscape the rebel alliance is catching it's breath.
Yup, you read that right.

After much ado in alternate realities rescuing members of the crew of Moya, Crichton has most of his dysfunctional family back together, only to have to rescue it from the invading alien Grennij with the help of other Peacekeeper mutineers. One member has yet to show how they feel about the current state of things.

And on the flip-side of things, Scorpius has bitten off more than he can chew. It's getting hard to swallow and it's leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

2 of each behind the cut.

It's all going to Frell. )


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