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Anyone looking at the Google homepage today will have seen that they are honouring the man too.

I've posted about him before, but make no apologies for posting to celebrate what would have been his 75th birthday, in some happy alternate universe where he is still with us, and probably still wowing us.

Alas, on our Earth, Mr Henson left the world over 20 years ago now, at an absurdly young age, but he achieved more creative output in his life than just about any other three artists you can name, and all thanks to a skill with puppets, a belief that children didn't need to be talked down to to be entertained and an unshakeable conviction in the fundamental decency of people.

Of course, he's still best known for the magnificent lunacy which was the (proudly UK financed and produced) magnum opus "The Muppet Show" which included everything from boomerang fish, to Peter Sellers playing the gypsy violin.

Unabashed sentimentality within )
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From Archaia Press charming Fraggle Rock series, Volume 2, issue 2..

Talking to the Fraggle Storyteller, Gobo has discovered a new quest, a quest even his Uncle Travelling Matt never managed to achieve, a quest for a map which will lead to.... THE MEANING OF LIFE ITSELF!!

Fascinated at the implications of this, or appalled in Boobers case, the gang decide to accompany him... but this means they need to go through one of the most terrifying, hideous places on the Rock...

And what might a Fraggle fear? )

There are certainly worse philosophies of life Wembely... )
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After a successful first miniseries, Archaia have started a second Fraggle Rock miniseries.

I always had a soft spot for that most indecisive of Fraggles, Wembley, and the first story of the first issue "Wembley and the Great Dream-Capade" is basically about a problem he's having.... He's not dreaming... well, he is, but he's dreaming about nothing... literally nothing, dark, empty nothing...

This is not a good thing for a Fraggle, who LOVE their dreams... and it also means that Wembley hasn't slept properly in days

Let's put our heads together and sort it out... )

On Fraggle Rock, there's always time for a song )
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In this issue a strange creature from Outer Space gets loose in the rock. Boober takes this about as well as you can imagine.

Warning: You may die of cuteness )

Suggested tags: creator: jake myler, creator: leigh dragoon, publisher: archaia studios press, title: fraggle rock
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Time for some more Fraggle Fun. Here's three pages from Archaia's Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock Free Comic Book Day Flip-Book.

Boober Tries Being A Doozer )

tags: series: fraggle rock, publisher: archaia, creator nichol ashworth, creator jake myler
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4 pages from three different stories. This surprisingly turned out to be one of the most talked about books this week at my local comic shop.

Dance Your Cares Away )

Tags: series: fraggle rock, publisher: archaia, creator heather white, creator jeff stokley, creator katie cook, creator jeffrey brown
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From Newsarama

Now that Doug Ramsey is back in the land of the living, I'm pleased to see my other blond role model is back too! :)

Wave hello to the nice people Wembley!

Yup, Archia Comics are launching the return of the place where you can ALWAYS dance your cares away...

title: fraggle rock
publisher: archia comics


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