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For those S_D veterans here you may remember 'Fuan No Tane'. For those who don't, it was a Japanese horror anthology with stories amounting to only a few pages. They're not that scary compared to Junji Ito's work but a few are genuinely creepy.

Scans under the cut... )
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Well, this is it, my friends. The last you'll see of Fuan no Tane, until... next Halloween I guess. Or unless someone answers my prayers and they release an English translation of Fuan no Tane and Fuan no Tane+.


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What follows is (for now) our last look at the ghosts and ghoulies from the second volume of Fuan no Tane.

Most of these stories below are ones that people had requested and that I hadn't ever posted on scans_daily before. Since someone asked, you'll also find that one about the haunted hospital.

In these stories you'll see that ghostly horrors can attack us at any time, and from any direction...


...and at, uh, any angle. Yep, those are ghost feet all right!

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Well, obviously you can. But you shouldn't!

In this final (hah!) three post series, I finish off the very last of the allowable page limit for each of the three volumes of Fuan no Tane. In so doing, I will fulfill a few requests I got way back when, and also post several stories never-before-seen on scans_daily.



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Admittedly the title there is a little bit misleading. Not all of the eyeballs beneath the cut actually "attack," though some of them do. I suppose you could say that this particular post is dedicated to creepy-eyed creatures that actually do things besides stare at you creepily... but that doesn't exactly have the same ring, now does it?

Also, as a completely non-eye-related bonus: the story of the Ear-Slashing Monk!


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So when I began this new series of posts about Fuan no Tane, I said that I always envisioned the author as a mousey little guy who lived in a state of constant bewilderment and fear. Don't get me wrong: I have the highest respect for the man and his work. But he's still a major wuss.

Why would I say such a thing? Well, I mean, just look at him.


That there is TERROR SWEAT, baby! There's even the standard, jaggedy triangles, Fuan no Tane "horrifying moment" background behind him!

(Of course it's not all horror! For our bonus this time, it's the incredibly sweet story of the haunted teddy bear. Yes, you heard me.)


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