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that pretty much everyone knows. Like, everyone. It's kind of a thing. Doesn't stop it from sucking, though.

A Gutters update you probably agree with. )
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between SUPER TASTELESS OFFENSIVE POSTS and ACTUALLY REALLY INSIGHTFUL POSTS, as opposed to their usual "maybe it's a little funny but not really and it's a bit offensive too so..." posts.

Here's something insightful from Monday's update. But I have to warn you, do NOT look at the previous update. It offended even me! And yet, if you agree that Matt Murdock's a bit of a manwhore, it's pretty true.

.... But back to the comic at hand:

Girls and comics, WRITTEN BY GAIL SIMONE )

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Okay this is from the before you freak out just look at it then judge it.
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EDIT: A lot of people are saying Gutters sucks and the humor is low. I think we've covered that. So... let's just sit back and enjoy this page, or you know, skip the post entirely. Either one would be nice. Even criticizing the page itself would be nice. But not the entire webcomic, or the writer, because Sohmer didn't write this page, and if Gutters is a terribad webcomic, then skip it.

Devolving into debates only semi-related to the comic and not related to the subject matter at all can get tiring.

With that:

Gutters, with things I did not know about clichés used in comics. Mark Waid clichés. But clichés nonetheless.

Word. Or, in the first panel, too many words.  )

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We recently saw the annulment of T'Challa and Storm's marriage. Gutters has a great take on it.

Behind the cut. )
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Dear mods: I'm still hopelessly confused as to the difference between fanart and fan comics, and which I am allowed to post without a legality scan. Please help!

I'm irregularly drawing a bunch of "response" comics lately, as practice art for a webcomic I am also working on which has not yet officially started. (And boy does my art need practice.) Since they're mostly responses to comics news I read here, I thought I'd share.
comics and art below )


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