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I am apparently bad at keeping track of days. It turns out today *is* the 22nd. I don't know why I kept thinking it was on a Sunday. But yes! today is villains day! :P

While I very much don't like the New 52 version, Harley Quinn was the villainess that got me to buy my first DC Comic!

And well...who could forget that time she worked at the Daily Planet as an advice columnist? )
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Okay. The new Harley Quin comic started... the one with the questionable contest... well, I saw it in my comic shop, and they had the contest page... and not only the content of the dialogue and narration made the set up out of content (much like a Ace Attorney thing), but DC also seems to have caved in like XBox One at E3 as the final panel of Harle in the bathtub was replace with something else... I still didn't buy it because the issue of her in Detective Comics that came out in September... which she bombs Gotham as well as kids on 9/11... which was also her birthday... all because she was bored and wanted to something for the Joker, and she didn't with little remorse

Does DC just expect people to forget that? I know they have done this before AND after their reboot (with each new clean slate they have, they go and mess up big time in no time flat). Did she got some kind of punishment? Or did joining the Suicide Squad redeemed her? Would Amanada Waller would even give a child killer a 2nd chance, no matter how talented they are in a given mission? Because if she didn't at least regret or redeemed herself... than this preview from CBR on her issue 1 would tick me more.
2 page preivew below cut )

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In current issues of Secret Six, the team is in Hell. If Harley were still on the team, she wouldn't have been able to make the trip, since she's banished from that place.

How does one get evicted from Hell? Just by being Harley...

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Greetings True Believers! Here's another classic from the crypt of S_D 1.0. The adventures of Bat-Harleygirl! It's a selection of scans from Harley Quinn #11 and #12. Harley decides to do a little cosplaying. Why? It matters not! It's Dodson art! Enjoy!

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If you think Batman is rough when it comes to interrogating suspects... Well, let's just say that, when in Gotham, be very careful when going into a dark room with a lovely woman you don't know, thinking you're going to score...

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While I wasn't overly fond of Lieberman's run, there were all these individual bits I really liked, like these two pages from Harley Quinn #32...

Harley, of course, is the Trickster archetype. Tricksters, in myth, are often shape changers, so it's fitting that Harley has taken many identities over the years, many masks. At this point, she's considering walking away from the Harley Quinn persona, and slipping permanently into the Dr. Jessica Seaborn identity.

She's wondering if a certain someone else has ever considered doing the same...

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Continuing posts in anticipation for Gotham City Sirens. Here's a scene from Harley Quinn #12 which climaxes Kesel's first arc.

Kenny Two-Bear had henched for just about all the main colorful freaks in Gotham. His brother, Nixon, was a veteran of Intergang, but was new in town. They both started working for Harley, but Nix just never quite got how things worked in that city. Kenny was always warning him that things are different, there, that there are things you can do other places, but that you just don't do in Gotham if you want to survive.

Nix didn't listen, and decided to break one of those rules, namely betraying his colorful psychotic boss. Kenny doesn't like the idea, knowing the consequences, but goes along because Nix is his brother.

Meanwhile, Batman, who's been investigating for several issues (And he's especially mad about the destruction of Wayne Manor in an earlier issue, though that totally wasn't really Harley's fault) is closing in...

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Continuing in anticipation of Gotham City Sirens, we learn, once again, that trying to collect a bounty on Harley doesn't pay off unless your actual goal is suicide. This one's from Kesel's run.

While there's been much debate over whether the Joker and others are really not guilty by reason of insanity, since they know what they're doing, Harley actually wasn't guilty during Kesel's run. She really didn't realize she was killing people. How this was shown was we'd switch from "reality" to how Harley saw what was happening. The shifts in perspective were done in a way that payed homage to her animated origins.

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For my first post in the new place, and to celebrate the coming Gotham City Sirens series, here's one of the stars killing some deserving folks...

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