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Hi everyone!
Here's another Heroes! comic strip if you will.

I just noticed my latest post got deleted here on s-d (why?! whyyyy!? *cries and runs into the nearest forest*)
Should I bother putting it back up..or?...
alright! it's back on!
It's GO time!! )
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Today, I would like to introduce you one more Heroes! sub-series.
I launched GreatLakesHeroes! because like someone told me on deviantArt (where I used to originally post those) I was only making DC ones, and since the Great Lakes Avengers X-men Defenders Initiative are my favorite bunch of super heroes on that side...
A new kind of HEROES! )
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Has it been already a week since last time? Anyway, here's some more Heroes! comic strips for you all!
My very first attempt to Heroes-ify Booster Gold. Yeah, it was that bland...

Today I offer you not two, but three more episodes of Archers! and one Superbuddies! - which features my favorite beloved but sadly underrated couple of the whole DCU. And yes, they're both alive in here :P

Ollie will one day get his revenge, Sparta Meme, Sue's pregnant again and Teen Titans cameo after the jump! )
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It's time for yet another installment of Heroes! on Scans-daily!
(you guys tell me if you get enough of these and want me to stop~)

This time I'd like to take this occasion to introduce to you guys yet another Heroes! sub-series,called Lanterns!
Which is exactly what you might think, a Green Lantern centric series.
turn around the corner for Kyle, Guy, Hal and John IN SPAAAACE! )
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It's been a week already, here's another installment of Heroes!

For the previous post follow this link scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/3348190.html or use this Heroes! tag scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/tag/title:+heroes!

This time I would like to introduce you to another one of my Heroes-subseries, SuperBuddies!
Which is my own way to both parody and serve as a tribute to my favorite iteration of the Justice League, ever!Oreos, romantic dates and more after the jump! )
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Hey gals and guys!

I would like to start posting here some of my own webcomics parodies I've been doing for this past year (or so).
I've been meaning to post some of those on scans-daily for quite some time... but never got to for some reason.

Let's start with a quick introduction and then some of my first comic strips!
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