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I discovered this Golden Age action hero (created by Bob Powell for Hit Comics in 1940) via the Tumblr blog F**k Yeah Warrior Women and immediately fell in love with her. Attorney (later District Attorney) Betty Bates enjoyed a ten-year run (unusual for a non-superpowered, supporting character), and it's no wonder: in addition to her legal know-how, she was a skilled detective, knew jiu-jitsu, and was handy with her fists too. In the following story (public domain, scans courtesy of, we see her stand up to sexual harassment, speak truth to power, and foil a kidnapping. As if that weren't awesome enough, the story conveniently comes with a "context is for the weak" panel!

'Bates is the name--MISS Betty Bates!' )
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Ahem, I am advised, and rightly so, that this material originated with the fyeahgoldenage tumblr account and as such they should receive the credit for finding it and sharing it in the first place. So a great big thank you to them! :)

"Don't start anything... that's a warning to the wolves of the underworld, wolves of high financial power and just plain wolves!"

From the 1940's and Hit Comics #47, meet the DA of an un-named American City...

Bates is the name, Miss Betty Bates )
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Staring in Hit Comics #4, Batty Bates finds danger everywhere she turns. Sometimes she jumps into trouble, sometimes it grabs her and runs. Either way "Betty Bates, Lady at Law" was one of the better back-up in Hit Comics, outlasting it's cover stars: Neon the Unknown, The Red Bee, Kid Eternity, and Hercules. Now from the golden pages of Hit Comics #12 "One Hamburger with Trouble!"
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