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Prompted by [personal profile] darkblade's comments here about Utopia going against the X-men's fundimental beliefs, I was reminded of these scans, which I originally posted on S_D 1.0. In which Chamber nicely summarizes that, while Xavier's dream might be for peaceful co-existence between humans or mutants, the X-men have never actually tried it.

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From Icons: Chamber #1-4, by Brian K. Vaughan and Lee Ferguson

After volunteering to go undercover (in as much as someone like Jono can GO undercover) to investigate the deaths of 6 mutants and meeting several of the mutants going to Empire State University (including a girl who looks kinda like one of the creatures from Alien named Amber), Our Hero arrives in his dorm room and meets his new roommate, Walter.

They don't exactly hit it off.

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