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Mark Waid's amazing comics about a villian-turned-good and a superhero-going-psycho are ending. Newsarama has the article.

I thought there would be much more story to tell, but I guess going out on a good note is the smart choice.

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Three pages from IRREDEEMABLE 32 and four from INCORRUPTIBLE 25, the first two parts of the IRREDEEMABLE/INCORRUPTIBLE crossover...

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Four pages from IRREDEEMABLE 32, the first part of the IRREDEEMABLE/INCORRUPTIBLE crossover.

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St. Lucifer, a Dr. Doom-type megalomaniac, has come to town, and that's bad news for everyone. Here's four pages from INCORRUPTIBLE 22...

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Cynical billionaire Hayes Bellamy has promised Max that he'll fund a city manager to help restore order on one condition: Max has to find one honest person to fill the position.

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In the wake of events over in IRREDEEMABLE, Max and the gang find themselves in a Plutonian-free world.

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I have mixed feelings about teenage sidekick Jailbait and her relationship with Incorruptible's villain-turned-hero protagonist, Max Damage. It's unclear yet whether she'll be more than a source of Maxangst, and her sexual relationship with Max is explicitly statutory rape: Max's age is 28-30; Jailbait is sixteen and was fifteen when they met. (In a brothel!)

But I nonetheless enjoy Jailbait as a character, in a series with a surprisingly large percentage of female characters in its small cast. And I still find Max/Jailbait oddly adorable, in large part due to the scans below.

Half a page from Incorruptible #4 (art by Jean Diaz) and 4 pages from Incorruptible #7 (art by Horacio Domingues) below cut. Mark Waid is the writer.

I don't need to be *safe*, Max! )
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Greetings True Believers!

Here are four scans from Incorruptible #11.

Max Damage is made aware of the Plutonian's secret identity. He may be reformed but he has an understandable reaction.

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