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And suddenly, my mind is blown

By Matt Fraction's writing.

So remember when I said all this crazy stuff had better be some kind of lead up to an epic full-circle finale or else I'll mark it a clusterf*ck?

Well, it all seems to be coming together, and here we see why Fraction's been labeled a good writer and why Larroca is suddenly the perfect artist for this series.

(Invincible Iron Man 524)

A lot happened in this issue, but I'm just showing four pages. )

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Three Surprises from Invincible Iron Man 522

In four pages.

1) Pepper's love life
2) Mandarin's story
3) Tony+Ezekiel

And for your reference, it has apparently been 6+ months since Tony was captured by the Mandarin.

This is a cut. It tastes just like raisins.  )
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Invincible Iron Man 521 (4 pages)

Two for Stark, two for Resilient, and damn, I'm way too interested to put this down.

So in the last issue (stop hitting yourselfˆ) we saw Tony being put under Mandarin's control. And, along with the hundred other supers Mandarin's got under his power, Tony's basically been locked up with his worst enemies.

Which is fine, because everyone's too scared of Mandarin to do anything.

Meanwhile, at Resilient, things are going well. The team's back to being cheerful, and Carson's got a new line ala Apple Inc. with tech inspired by Tony.

I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me. )

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Invincible Iron Man 520 (3 pages)

Ah, it hurts. And it didn't help that my iTunes decided to play Wicked's "As Long as You're Mine" when I got to these pages.


Positive portrayal of gay love in comics, you know, not counting the whole suicide by cop thing. Gah. So much potential, lost.  )
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Shows of love in the Marvel Universe (IIM 518 preview)

Stabbing your boyfriend everywhere but the vital organs so he wouldn't die!

Wow. Worst/best psychopath murderer villain boyfriend ever.

One page, Iron Man, also, Resilient )

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Invincible Iron Man 512

You probably know my posts have no bearing to the plot at all. Heh. But then again, if I DID post about the plot, you'd need twenty issues worth of background to understand it.

Not to say that Fraction isn't a great writer (and he IS! I swear, I just LOVE his writing and the plot, which is sometimes very inaccessible to newcomers) but sometimes the only reason I read it is for moments like these:
Just think of all the lives we can start to save if you just let Ms. Cabe shoot you. )