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And suddenly, my mind is blown

By Matt Fraction's writing.

So remember when I said all this crazy stuff had better be some kind of lead up to an epic full-circle finale or else I'll mark it a clusterf*ck?

Well, it all seems to be coming together, and here we see why Fraction's been labeled a good writer and why Larroca is suddenly the perfect artist for this series.

(Invincible Iron Man 524)

A lot happened in this issue, but I'm just showing four pages. )

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Three Surprises from Invincible Iron Man 522

In four pages.

1) Pepper's love life
2) Mandarin's story
3) Tony+Ezekiel

And for your reference, it has apparently been 6+ months since Tony was captured by the Mandarin.

This is a cut. It tastes just like raisins.  )
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Invincible Iron Man 521 (4 pages)

Two for Stark, two for Resilient, and damn, I'm way too interested to put this down.

So in the last issue (stop hitting yourselfˆ) we saw Tony being put under Mandarin's control. And, along with the hundred other supers Mandarin's got under his power, Tony's basically been locked up with his worst enemies.

Which is fine, because everyone's too scared of Mandarin to do anything.

Meanwhile, at Resilient, things are going well. The team's back to being cheerful, and Carson's got a new line ala Apple Inc. with tech inspired by Tony.

I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me. )

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Shows of love in the Marvel Universe (IIM 518 preview)

Stabbing your boyfriend everywhere but the vital organs so he wouldn't die!

Wow. Worst/best psychopath murderer villain boyfriend ever.

One page, Iron Man, also, Resilient )

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Invincible Iron Man 512

You probably know my posts have no bearing to the plot at all. Heh. But then again, if I DID post about the plot, you'd need twenty issues worth of background to understand it.

Not to say that Fraction isn't a great writer (and he IS! I swear, I just LOVE his writing and the plot, which is sometimes very inaccessible to newcomers) but sometimes the only reason I read it is for moments like these:
Just think of all the lives we can start to save if you just let Ms. Cabe shoot you. )

Why did nobody tell me that this existed?

Now that I'm on holiday, I get a chance to catch up on my reading. One things that I've always wanted to read is Avengers: Disassembled, as House of M and New Avengers mark the beginning of my experience with current Marvel books. I had the outline of the story in my head and knew all of the beats (NOT LIKE THIS!), but I hadn't actually read it for myself.

Thus follows lots of me grumping about a series that came out YEARS ago, rendering my complaints pretty much redundant )

However, Disassembled did give us Tony Harris drawing Iron Man, so it's not all bad )
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Remember that thing that happened before all those big events started, where Tony was stressing over a mole in his company?

Apparently, so does Marvel.

Finally, after the many world-Avenger-related crises Tony's had to face, he's able to have a meeting.

4 pages from Invincible Iron Man 511, with Stark Resilient and a thickening plot... and lawsuits. )

Where in the Nine Realms is Tony Stark? Svartalfheim.

Greetings True Believers!

Fear Itself rages, Paris is crushed and Iron Man needs help.

So he turns to Odin and his own oldest skill.

Tony needs to make some weapons.

(Even in Asgard, they must adhere to OSHA standards!)

Read more... )

(no subject)

I've already posted about Tony Stark's AA meeting and Drinking in Matt Fraction's Marvel work.

It seems that, as part of Fear Itself and Iron Man's involvement in the horrors of Fear Itself in Paris, these scenes might be important going forwards.

Fear Itself: Iron Man has actually been a good story. It's definitely better than the main event itself, which has been largely underwhelming.

As a brief rundown, Tony travels to Paris to take on one of the worthy who used to be the Grey Gargoyle.
As a longer rundown... )
Yes, it's going to be interesting.

Especially when we can look forward to Odin watching Tony in a molten hot jacuzzi )
Very interesting.
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Bethany Cabe

She's back! And apparently not getting paid.

I'm posting this because of my renewed love of old storylines directly resulting from my roommate getting a full guide and history of Ironman.

And as an excuse to show that hooray, the team's still gonna be around for Fear Itself!
Invincible Iron Man 505 )

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Stark Resilient, or whatever Tony's little helpers are called. (part 2)

Here's to fun!
Whoever's read the comics would know what happens here, and those who haven't get minimal context, but probably enough. 

As you well know from my last post, the engineers have been tasked by Tony Stark to build a super car. In six weeks. 

Meaning they have to have no distractions, work on it night and day, etc etc

Which means.... house mates~

Issues 29-33 of Invincible Iron man. Jumping in front of cars is not a good idea, kids.  )
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Stark Resilient, or whatever Tony's little helpers are called. (part 1)

 I'm still on the quest, you see. Anyways, if there's anybody who cares about this as much as I do, I wanted to make it easier for them. 

So I gathered pages from Invincible Iron Man which focus solely on the team that Tony put together, his motley crew of engineers. What little characterization they have is still pretty fun.

Of the team, we have: 
Carson Wyche
Tim Cababa
L. Pimacher
W. Macken

I like these guys. Honestly, I do. Potential wasted if they don't appear more. My hopes aren't high, but I do have them for the supposed mole storyline Tony seems to be kicking up once more. 

First appearances first. Invincible Iron Man #28. 7 pages. 

Underground tech barter, superhero teams, and cars. More of cars.  )