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The Devils whom Jack sold his soul to have finally found him and agreed to share him by building him his own personal hell... He stays there until the heat death of the universe when he uses his Literal powers to resurrect the Pathetic Fallacy.

Two half pages out of four.

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Having recently acquired the entire current run of Jack of Fables by... certain means... I wanted to share a part of the hilarious fun the series embodies with its most beloved background character.

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9 pages from 9 issues of Jack of Fables.
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Four pages from Jack of Fables 42, Part 2 of "Kings of Earth and Sky."

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creator: bill willingham, creator: matthew sturges, title: fables, publisher: vertigo
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Jack Frost reaches new heights of heroism. His dad Jack Horner sinks to new depths of the opposite.

The last page of this issue has a rather startling announcement about the future of this title.

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