Two pages from 'Joker'

 Overall Azzarrello's Joker graphic novel didn't do much for me mainly because, among many other reasons, it didn't feel like the title character was in fact Joker. Which is kind of funny given how many wildly different incarnations of the Joker have existed over the years.

That being said there was one exchange between Batman and the Joker that I loved.

Why do you let it be seen? )
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Late Henchmen Week Addition: Caught In The (Supervillainous) Crossfire

From Joker #8, a couple of good reasons not to get mixed up in the battle between two Super-Criminals, in this case our favourite circus maniac and his psychiatrist counterpart, the Scarecrow. As it was the big J's first solo series, he actually comes off as incredibly fun and full of ingenious plans...

...And One Or Two Kinds Of Madness, As Well )