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"Hal is the most fun character to write in the DC Universe and I say this as the guy who writes Dick Grayson ... Hal is a pilot and every test pilot has a god complex. He already thinks he's a god, he's just missing the powers." -- Tom King

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"When we were originally developing the character, instead of making her the daughter of Hippolyta and blessed by Hera, we were going to make her the daughter of Zeus. She would actually be the daughter of a god! Then the next day, the next day after our meeting, that was the new version of the character in the comics! (laughs) Damn you, Brian Azzarello!" - Bruce Timm

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'Back in the old days of “Batman: The Animated Series,” several times I tried to do “Batman as a vampire” stories, and every time got shot down. The world was not ready for it. This was in pre-Buffy days. Vampires were not allowed on children’s television back then. I remembered that and thought "Batman as a vampire would be kind of cool."' - Bruce Timm

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'So I was thinking, a different version of the Justice League, what do you do that’s different? And around that same time, DC Comics was doing the New 52 reboot and when I first heard about that I thought, wow, that’s really intriguing, I wonder what they’re going to do with the characters. That made me start to think about the silver age versions of The Flash and Green Lantern, and how when they brought them back they kept the name and the gimmick of the golden age versions of those characters and threw everything else out. They had new costumes, their powers worked differently, they had new alter egos, and I thought that was the most successful reboots in the history of comics and I thought wouldn’t it be exciting if they did that with the entire line of DC Comics. I knew they weren’t going to do that because you can’t, that’s just too huge a financial gamble. It made me start thinking though, if I was going to “reimagine Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman,” the three biggest, most important characters in the DC Universe, what would they be?' - Bruce Timm

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