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It's time to talk about my favourite of the Showa era Kamen Riders. Kamen Rider Amazon, the oddly named Tarzan/Mogli jungle boy turned magical lizard monster who made silly cute noises as he ripped apart monsters in a gory fashion with his teeth and claws. Yeah this shit be crazy awesome.

Aaa-Maaa-Zon! )
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Today we are onto one of the better chapters of the series about one of my least favourite Riders.
Today we look at Riderman )
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Welcome back to our journey with Japan's heroes the Kamen Riders. Today we join the third such hero Shiro Kazami, Kamen Rider V3. Unlike the previous two Riders he was not changed by an evil organization against his will. He was a college student when his parents and little sister were murdered by evil cyborgs he pleads with the Kamen Riders for them to make him into a cyborg like them so he could get revenge. While they refused to deprive the boy of his humanity at first they had no choice when he was mortally wounded in another cyborg terrorist attack. Today we find him in Egypt.

Kamen Rider Spirits waste no time getting to the Mummies. )

11 pages from a 35 page chapter.

Next Time: More failing at Egyptian Mythology forever, more cyborg mummies, more “MY PARENTS (and sister) ARE DEAD and a Shocker cyborg raven.
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I got nothing interesting to say for an opening so let's jump right into Kamen Rider Spirits Chapter 3.

Read more )

11 pages from a 34 page chapter.

Next week: Kamen Rider V3 goes Egypt, hunts treasure and fights cyborg mummies.
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Just a heads up I'm down to my last few gigs on Photobucket for the month so this entry may end up unreadable. If that happens I'll delete it and repost it in a few weeks.

Anyways Time for some Kamen Rider Spirits )

11 pages from a 33 page chapter

Next Week: General EVIL shows us his Spider form and his true evil plan, a real fight scene with Rider 2 and the knowledge that Rider Kicks can indeed solve all of the world's problems.
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In my dismay with the current state of superhero comics from the big two I've started exploring other outlets for my passion for the genre. Among those outlets was Tokasatsu, a form of live action superhero television from Japan. The best known of these in the west would likely be Super Sentai which has for the last nineteen years been adapted into Power Rangers for western audiences. That is not what I'm here to talk about today though. I'm here to talk about it's sister franchise that has had less success with adaptations outside of Asia, Kamen Rider.

Warning for some mild gore. )

19 pages from a 58 page chapter

Tune in next week when Taki goes to Africa to fight Warlord that happen to be Cyborg Spider monsters with Rider 2. I couldn't make that up if I tried.


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