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Rejoice! On this day I bring to you several pages of a manga series that is, in my opinion, pretty good: Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, written by Eiji Otsuka of MPD Psycho, and drawn by Housui Yamazaki of Mail. In fact, it seems to exist within the same continuity as those manga, because characters from those series show up in Kurosagi.

I would recommend checking out this series! Unless perhaps you're rather squeamish; then don't. As the title would imply, there are corpses--and while it doesn't deliver grossness or gore for its own sake, it doesn't shy away from showing the various things that can happen to a body. There's not much of that in the scans below, but I'm gonna put not safe for work tags on here anyway.

But what is a corpse delivery service, you ask, impatient rhetorical voice that only I can hear? Also, I should burn things, you say? Well, first things first.

Mysteries await you below this cut )


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