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This is an interesting case, because this particular Al Jaffee fold-in DIDN'T appear in the June 2013 issue of MAD Magazine. It's got one hell of a punchline, and I can see why MAD wasn't comfortable publishing it.
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suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: harvey kurtzman, creator: wallace wood, genre: satire, subject: nazis
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suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: larry siegel, creator: jack davis, genre: satire, subject: nazis
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MAD MAGAZINE started as a full-color comic which spoofed other comics. Since it was written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by EC greats like Wally Wood, Will Elder, Jack Davis, John Severin etc, the results were classic. MAD did stories about Starchie, Superduperman and Captain Marbles, the Lone Stranger, Batboy and Rubin, Flesh Garden, the Black and Blue Hawks, Melvin of the Apes.. whew. But all things must pass. MAD became a full-sized black & white magazines which satirized whatever was going on. It was still very funny for years, but the last I checked, it's leading the sleepwalking zombie half-life of a magazine just going through the motions. So from the glory days of MAD# 10 in April 1954, a few pages of Kurtzman and Elder's "Woman Wonder."

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If only we could step outside our lives in protest when it stops making sense, eh?

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A one-panel gag artist in the tradition of Charles Addams.


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