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Don Martin was billed for years "MAD Magazine's maddest artist". His humour is very slapstick with characters suffering absurd injuries and regenerating themselves in the following scene, complete with wacky sound effects which added to the comedy.

Captain Klutz was his take on superhero fans and stories in general. Ringo Fonebone, an avid comic book reader, became a superhero by accident when, trying to kill himself, he fell through several stories' worth of clothes and, full costumed, foiled a robbery in progress. When a police captain asked who he was, he said "I'm a klutz, captain" and a legend was born.

He got two books of his own, one in 1967 and one in 1983. I prefer the second one, but I don't have it anymore. So, scans from a story from the first book.

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Don Martin passed away in 2000. His collected works can be found for sale in a hardcover edition. Not sure it includes Captain Klutz's solo books, though.

Also, this book had four co-authors, but it is unclear who wrote what. Anyway, we do not have tags for Dick DeBartolo, Phil Hahn, Jack Hanrahan or Don Martin.
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Nearly all comics publishers run ads regularly for their own titles, within their own titles. EC Comics, in the early 50s, had more fun with many such ads than did most of their competition.

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(From the cover of Mad #16 [October 1954], art H. Kurtzman)

True, the spoof newspaper headline above refers to certain comics becoming "underground" as in "illegal" (this being when Dr. Wertham and friends were trying to accomplish precisely that), as opposed to "countercultural." Even so, actual underground comix creators such as R. Crumb and Art Spiegelman have credited Mad, in its original comic-book format (1952-1954), as a major influence on their work. As Spiegelman put it in his Breakdowns anthology, "Mad warped a generation. In the bland American 1950s [...] [i]t was saying: 'The media--the whole damn adult world--is lying to you...and we here at Mad are part of the media!'"

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This is an interesting case, because this particular Al Jaffee fold-in DIDN'T appear in the June 2013 issue of MAD Magazine. It's got one hell of a punchline, and I can see why MAD wasn't comfortable publishing it.
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suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: harvey kurtzman, creator: wallace wood, genre: satire, subject: nazis
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suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: larry siegel, creator: jack davis, genre: satire, subject: nazis
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MAD MAGAZINE started as a full-color comic which spoofed other comics. Since it was written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by EC greats like Wally Wood, Will Elder, Jack Davis, John Severin etc, the results were classic. MAD did stories about Starchie, Superduperman and Captain Marbles, the Lone Stranger, Batboy and Rubin, Flesh Garden, the Black and Blue Hawks, Melvin of the Apes.. whew. But all things must pass. MAD became a full-sized black & white magazines which satirized whatever was going on. It was still very funny for years, but the last I checked, it's leading the sleepwalking zombie half-life of a magazine just going through the motions. So from the glory days of MAD# 10 in April 1954, a few pages of Kurtzman and Elder's "Woman Wonder."

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If only we could step outside our lives in protest when it stops making sense, eh?

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A one-panel gag artist in the tradition of Charles Addams.


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