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from Mister Miracle v.1 #8

Back story here, Scott escapes from Apokolips with some help from Barda and the Furies. While she had the chance to go with him, Barda chose to stay behind only to show up in his kitchen and threatening Oberon sometime later.

So, at that point she'd left the Furies. Hell, she'd even fought some who'd come after her and Scott. So, what kind of welcome does she get when her and Scott head back to Apokolips to handle some unfinished business?
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This is cut from Mister Miracle, Volumn 2, #11(22 pages). Scott and Barda settle in the small town of Bailey, Connecticut, trying to have what they think is a "normal" life and so far, it hasn't been so successful. Trying to maintain a secret identity while being attacked by an arch-nemesis, drone clones and various other problems, has pushed scott to the limits of his patience.


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